What to Drink Now at The Anderson Miami

The Anderson, an 80’s-inspired watering hole in Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood, is known for its booze-driven cocktails and live music – and it’s time to check out the new menu for summer.

Created by Bar Lab, and never intending to get stale, the beloved bar has dropped a fresh selection to enjoy out on its Caribbean-themed patio this summer.

The Anderson’s take on cocktails is broken up into two sections: Freshies, made with seasonal ingredients, and seriously spirit-forward concoctions, Stiffies. Both include new cocktails engineered by the bar’s own Joshua Alperstein.

Here are must-drinks from The Anderson’s new menu:

The Freshies at The Anderson

No Sugar Added

No Sugar Added The Anderson

Very light and spritz-like cocktail made with Absolut Lime, Aperol and seedless cucumber topped with rosé and sparkling water.

Club Paradise

Club Paradise at The Anderson

Delicious and gorgeous, this creamy and icy cocktail is layered with Ron Zacapa 23, Don Q Rum, and Back Room (housemade) Horchata, over crushed ice, then garnished with Grated Nutmeg and Tropical Flowers

The Stiffies at The Anderson

Let’s Dance

Let's Dance at The Anderson

Extra dry, this Absolut Vodka martini is shaken with Anderson Olive & Caper Brine

Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson at The Anderson

Signature namesake cocktail made with Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Ilegal Mezcal, Cynar 70, Cardamon-infused Italian Vermouth

To complement the eclectic cocktails, munch on bar bites, like Short Rib Naan Tacos -made with Herbs de Provence Short Rib, Applewood Smoked Bleu Cheese & Caramelized Onions; or indulge in the Smoked Wings –with Popcorn Buffalo and Bleu Cheese Sauces

The Anderson Miami details

709 NE 79th St, Miami, theandersonmiami.com, @theandersonmiami

Bar Hours:  Sunday – Thursday, 5PM – 2AM  and  Friday – Saturday, 5PM – 4AM



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