Drink This Now: Acre Resort’s Besos de Katrina with Acre Mezcal

They say a red cocktail is fitting complement to any romantic occasion. Acre Resort’s red hot Besos de Katrina is like a fleeting kiss that will make you surrender to the wild spirit of amor.

The award-winning Acre Resort boutique hotel is tucked away in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo in Baja Mexico, and is set on 25 acres of abundant greenery. The Mexican resort features elegant treehouses, organic farms, private event spaces, and an award-winning bar and restaurant. This lush sanctuary, where connection and celebration is at the heart of everything, inspired the premium Acre Mezcal spirit brand.

Launched in the US in 2020, Acre Mezcal is dedicated to authenticity and sustainability, and delivering the very best in small-batch, handcrafted mezcals. It now has an award-winning portfolio of four varietals: Espadín,  Tobala, Tepextate -and Cenizo, a Double Gold medal winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Acre Baja’s tart and smoky Besos de Katrina cocktail is shaken with Acre Mezcal Cenizo.  The single mezcalero produced Cenizo is made from wild Maguey agave harvested in the Mexican village of Nombre de Dios, Durango, and with natural spring water from the streams of the surrounding mountainsides. It has a medium nose and complex taste with a light, smooth finish. The flavor contains spicy, peppery notes with an earthy texture and even a slightly lactic smell.

“Acre Cenizo works really well with this cocktail because the citric notes and medium smokiness balance the flavors of hibiscus and pineapple.  You can feel this slightly smoky flavor at the end, which is perfect to introduce mezcal to new drinkers”, says Aslan Guerrero, Acre Resort’s head bartender.

Besos de Katrina Recipe + Preparation

  • 2 oz Acre Mezcal Cenizo
  • 2 oz Apple juice
  • .75 oz Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Hibiscus Syrup

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a coup glass.

Acre Mezcal details

Los Angeles native Jordan Haddad joined forces with the Acre Resort’s founders to create a Mezcal brand that captures the same Mexican authenticity, spiritual connection to nature and appreciation for life that the chic property evokes.  The three partners successfully set out to source the best small-batch Mezcaleros, who for generations have been sustainably perfecting their craft throughout the most rural and beautiful regions of Mexico.  The result is a collection of four varietals: Espadín, Cenizo, Tobala and Tepextate, each showcasing the versatility and the beauty of the agave plant handcrafted in Oaxaca and Durango, Mexico.

To purchase a bottle -or “The Fleet”, a four bottle flight, visit: acremezcal.com/shop-mezcal; @acremezcal @acrebaja

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