Drink This Now: Chai Pear Sherry Cheer  with Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha

Now that the holidays are over – and we are officially finished with 2020 – it’s time to elevate your drinks, too. Enter Wild Tonic Kombucha, a delicious and versatile probiotic and prebiotic packed organic beverage available in both an alcohol and non-alcoholic version and ideal for mixing into creative cocktails.

The main thing that makes Wild Tonic kombucha taste different than the others is that it is made from organic honey; Jun is a cousin of traditional Kombucha. Made with honey instead of cane sugar it is smoother, lighter, and absent of a vinegar bite common in traditional Kombucha.

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha, aka “the champagne of kombucha,” recently released their seasonal favorite flavor Chai Pear which can not only be enjoyed on its own but mixes perfectly with spirits of all kinds. To help showcase the juicy pear flavors with warm cinnamon and light fennel sweetness, LA bartender, photographer and content creator Karl Steuck concocted the Chai Pear Sherry Cheer cocktail.

“I love a good seasonal cocktail especially this time of year when California (where I am based) finally cools down a bit,” explains Steuck. “For this creation, I decided to go the aged rum route as it takes me back to my early 20’s via the cold Michigan winters and experimented with Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha.”

For the Chai Pear Sherry Cheer cocktail, Steuck made a syrup with cinnamon, star anise, cloves and peppercorns with a touch of chili. “This syrup is somewhat close in relation to Chai which is why I decided to use the Chai Pear Kombucha for warmth,” Steuck continues. “It’s something I enjoy drinking regularly but I had not thought to use often in my cocktails so I was excited to get out of my comfort zone when mixing this drink. I also knew that pear would work well with these flavors. To help give the flavors a pop, I added in another element that I often overlook, Oloroso Sherry. I then added a little touch of citrus, and the rest was history!”

Made with Wild Tonic Chai Pear Kombucha along with Copalli Rum Barrel Aged, Olorosso sherry, seasonal syrup and lemon juice with a rosemary garnish, this drink is a great start to a sweet new year indeed.

Chai Pear Sherry Cheer recipe + preparation

*Courtesy of @spiritandspoon

  • 1.5 oz  Copalli Rum Barrel Aged
  • .5 oz. Olorosso Sherry
  • 2 oz. Wild Tonic Chai Pear Kombucha
  • .25 oz. Seasonal Syrup*
  • .25 oz.  lemon juice
  • Rosemary garnish

*Seasonal Syrup: Equal parts water to organic sugar.  per 1 cup of each add  Add 4 cinnamon sticks, 4-6 star anise, 4-6 cloves & 4-6 peppercorns with 1-2 pierced Fresno chilis for a touch of heat. Bring to boil then let simmer on low, all while covered, for 30 minutes.  Let cool, then strain into a container. Keep refrigerated. Bonus: your apartment/home will smell amazing when cooking the syrup!

Method: Add fresh lemon juice, seasonal syrup, Oloroso Sherry, and Rum into the cocktail shaker. Add ice and give a quick shake. Add 2 oz Wild Tonic Chai Pear Kombucha into a shaker (don’t want to lose the carbonation of the kombucha via shaking it; can omit or change). Then strain into a rock-filled ice glass. Lastly, garnish with fresh rosemary.

Wild Tonic details

All flavors are available in Wild Tonic’s environmentally-friendly signature cobalt blue 16oz bottle in traditional non-alcoholic Jun Kombucha; they also offer cans for easy drink and transport. Wild Tonic is sold at major retailers including Sprouts and Whole Foods, as well as e-commerce  www.wildtonic.com. In addition, Wild Tonic is currently available on Instacart and Amazon, Favor, PostMates, Uber Eats, Holiday Wine Cellar, and many other retailers and beverage delivery services around the country.

Distributed in 45 states, Wild Tonic can be found in natural health food stores, major retail chains, and exclusive restaurants and resorts. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions are available as well in the majority of their flavors. Other flavors perfect for holiday mixing include Strawberry Blood Orange, Lavender Love, Blueberry Basil, and more.

For more details on Wild Tonic Kombucha, visit www.wildtonic.com and follow along at @drinkwildtonic.

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