Drink This Now: The Normandie Club Old Fashioned

Most bars tout their Old Fashioneds as being their most popular drink, but The Normandie Club is certainly not most bars. Nestled inside the Hotel Normandie in L.A.’s Koreatown area, the iconic hospitality folks at Proprietors LLC deliver some of the sexiest cocktails in town. Of course, The Normandie Club Old Fashioned delivers an exceptionally stepped up quality and nod-worthy riff on this popular classic.

This signature cocktail was created by Devon Tarby and Alex Day and was featured since day one on the opening menu back in 2015.  If it ain’t broke, certainly don’t fix it, so the variation has remained on the menu unchanged and last month alone, they sold over 1,000 of this new classic.

Devon Tarby, Co-Owner of The Normandie Club, explains of her most ordered cocktail, “What seems to make this drink so popular is the combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Most cocktail drinkers are accustomed to coconut in the context of tiki drinks, usually meaning something rich, creamy, sweet, and tropical.”

Old Fashioneds, on the other hand, are typically expected to be more spirit forward, not very sweet, and supported by bitter or spice elements as a flavor backbone,” Tarby continues.  Our Normandie Club Old Fashioned takes advantage of the richness of the coconut flakes bring to the Bourbon infusion, giving the drink a

“Our Normandie Club Old Fashioned takes advantage of the richness of the coconut flakes bring to the Bourbon infusion, giving the drink a full-bodied mouth feel without adding additional sweetness, and presenting a familiar flavor in an unexpected format,” says Tarby. “The traditional angostura spice element of an old fashioned is enhanced with almonds, clove, cinnamon, and apple to bring more familiar flavor while still maintaining the DNA of a classic old fashioned. The coconut and slight tiki spice flavor of this drink make it particularly relevant and more approachable for the warm weather of the west coast.”

The Normandie Club Old Fashioned Recipe & Method

  • 2 oz Coconut Old Forester Bourbon*
  • 1 tsp Clear Creek 8 Year Pomme Eau de Vie
  • 1 tsp Spiced Almond Demerara Syrup**
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters

Method: Stir with ice and strain in to a double old fashioned glass over one large cube
Glass: Double Old Fashioned with Rock
Garnish: Dehydrated Apple Slice

*Coconut Bourbon

  • · 50 g Coconut Flakes
  • · 1ltr bottle Old Forester Bourbon


  1. Carefully measure out coconut flakes.
  2. Toast the coconut flakes on medium heat for 5 minutes or until slightly golden.
  3. Combine the tasted coconut flakes and Bourbon in an airtight container and place in the freezer for 3 days
  4. Remove from freezer and strain making sure to remove all solids and rebottle.

**Spiced Almond Demerara Syrup

  • 200 grams Demerara Sugar
  • 100 grams Water
  • 20 grams Sliced almonds
  • 4 grams Cinnamon bark
  • 0.1 grams Clove


  1. Combine sugar and water in a pot, apply low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved
  2. Add almonds, cinnamon, and clove
  3. Simmer and stir occasionally for 10 minutes
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool
  5. Strain off solids
  6. Place in refrigerator between uses.

The Normandie Club Details

3612 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

www.thenormandieclub.com | (213) 263-2709

Instagram – @thenormandieclub

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