Drinking In The News: September 26th, 2018

Here are some stories from around the news in the drinks world that we are following right now for September 26th, 2018. Check them out, give them a read and and let’s hopefully have some discussions on these hot topics.

Drinking in The News

  • Starbucks in Milan: first Starbucks in Italy the end of Italian Coffee? – CNN Travel HERE
  • Investigation finds One in Three TripAdvisor Reviews are Fake –  The Sun UK HERE
  • Darden CEO says Restaurants face a “War for Talent” – NRN HERE
  • Coca Cola Considers Entering Marijuana Business – NBC News HERE
  • “Wine & Weed” Tours Boom in California – Forbes HERE
  • Dunkin Donuts Drops Donuts from its Name to Rebrand as a Beverage Led Company – CNN Money HERE

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