Tequila, Puppys and Sliding in the DM with Brunch Boys

This week we sat down with Jeremy Jacobowitz AKA Brunch Boys, who you might as the brains behind the wildly popular Instagram account @Brunch Boys. We sat down with Jeremy to discuss everything from his favorite bars for brunch to how he slides in the DM and everything in-between.

Drinking With Brunch Boys’ Jeremy Jacobowitz

What are your favorite bars for brunch?

Two first bars that come to mind are, first, Mother’s Ruin, because they have amazing drinks. They have the slushy machines that they change out the everyday and I love that. They also have one of my favorite brunch dishes, is basically an Eggo waffle with fried chicken and this honey glazed hot sauce that they put on it.

EVERYTHING. Just EVERYTHING! Eggo Waffles and Fried Chicken with Cholula Honey Glaze from @mothersruinnyc #Brunchboys

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The second bar is The Late Late – their French toast it killer.

Tell us about the first time that you got drunk?

I didn’t drink until, for a while, I didn’t drink at all in high school. The first time that I got drunk was a New Year’s party in college and I drank a vodka orange juice. Not because that is what I wanted but because that is just what they were serving. The most basic white girl drink was the first thing that I ever drank and got drunk off of.

What is your go to drink order?

Keep it simple, tequila on the rocks. The follow up question is what brand of tequila and I’m cheap as hell. So I will ask what the house tequila is and if it is something that I have never heard of then I will start there. If it tastes like gasoline, I will go up one level up until I find something that I like. If I could choose and I was super rich, I would drink Casa Dragones, it is like water. I could just drink that all day. That is my life goal is to drink Casa Dragones everyday.

What are some of your favorite bars when you are no being Brunch Boys?

If I am in a bar it is because I am going to take out a girl, but right now Happiest Hour is amazing. They have one of the best burgers in the city and their cocktail program is amazing and I just think that it is a funky cool bar. Now that it is summer I am finding myself at Mr. Purple a lot. The views are great, drinks are decent and for a rooftop it is pretty chill.

What is your favorite place to take a date?

Empellon al Pastor. I do like tequila and there must be something in the margaritas because it always works out.

What is your best bar pick up line?

‘Hey have you heard of Brunch Boys? That’s me.’ I have over 200k followers so the chances are in my favor that they have heard of me. It’s a good setup anyways, because if the girl has zero interest that I run an Instagram then it probably isn’t going to work out anyway so it’s good just to get to it anyways.

What is your hangover remedy?

The fact that I drink tequila helps and I am very rarely hung over. On those rare occasions where people are handing me shots and I am drinking everything and I do wake up with a hangover, a good bodega bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

Is there anything that you will not drink, no thank you?

I look at cocktails the same as food, so I tend to try everything and there is no reason to say no. I think that the drinks that I try and stay away from are the sweet after dinner drinks. If a cocktail is too sweet then I will pass.

What is Puppy Brunch and how did it become a reality?

Puppy Brunch came to be because my two passions in life are brunch and puppies, it is pretty much what I dream about every night. I thought how can I make my dream a reality and thanks to the people of Café de La Esquina which was pretty much the only location that I could do it in NYC. I wanted a big outdoors space. The whole thing came to be, we had over 100 people there 25 dogs there. There were dogs up for adoption, dog food, people food drinks.

We are definitely working on another one just follow me on my social media channels.

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