Hangover Showers, Ducasse & Glitter: Drinking with Christine Wiseman

Every now and then, you meet someone whose energy and magnetism immediately strikes you as something extraordinary.  Christine Wiseman is Bar Manager at Los Angeles’ outpost of the beloved Broken Shaker concept and has certainly become major part of what makes that location so very special.

Her all encompassing fearlessness, blunt honesty, glowing self confidence and overflowing joie de vivre personality composes a book we should all take a page from in life. Her infectious smile, delightfully flamboyant style and IDGAF attitude makes her the type of human you want to be friends with … or at minimum sit at her bar.  So without further ado, let’s go drinking with Christine Wiseman.

Drinking with Christine Wiseman

Let’s start by telling us about the beverage program at The Broken Shaker Los Angeles.

I don’t like to take myself too seriously when it comes to the menu. Like for instance,we are putting a stirred Sex on the Beach on the upcoming menu. Our cocktails are meant for the people to crush by a pool! Also, a huge inspiration for me both personally and professionally has been working for Gabe and Elad. They continually push me to make me the best version of myself.

How did you get started in the bar biz?

I had left a corporate job where I was Director of Training for BOH and was looking to possibly open a restaurant with my best friend. While we were looking for spaces, I wanted to take a bartending job to earn some cash. I had found a local bar in D.C. that I enjoyed going to, so I applied as a bartender at a spot that Todd Thrasher owned and I talked him into hiring me. The rest is history!

What is your current go-to drink order?

I mean listen, I didn’t get the nickname Shooter for no reason. I’m pretty much shooters only, but from there vodka soda splash of grapefruit or an Americano.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee only! I like GGET and Dinosaur, 2 of my local spots. I buy my beans from them once a week and get a nice coffee treat. I take my coffee black like my heart!

What is your hangover remedy?

A Mexican Coke and a joint and 10 showers. Just ask Aaron (Polsky), he can hear every one of them and can tell how bad my hangover is by how many showers I take!

Los Angeles is known for being sunny year round, what’s your not so guilty day drinking pleasure?

A Piña Colada all day everyday or some sort of variation of that!

Tis the season, what is your favorite classic Holiday drink?

Is flavored Bailey’s a holiday drink?

Not to be morbid, but since we all gotta go … so what is your very last sip deathbed drink to toast farewell?

Glenmorangie Lasanta, it reminds me of great late night convos.

Fill in the Cocktail Blank — “I will challenge anyone to test my ___ skills”

Glitter garnish.

If you could have drinks with anyone dead, alive or fictional, who would it be and what would you both be drinking?

Robert Plant- smoking a joint and drinking a beer. I recently saw Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters and it was a life changing experience for me.

Who is the best industry drinking buddy for a wild night?

I mean doi, I think you can tell from such things as my Instagram, Yael, Aaron, Curt, Hayes, and Brooke

What’s your closing song to shut down the bar?

Anything by Guns n Roses!

You seem to always be smiling, what is some advice to keep a happy balance in the bar world?

I don’t drink behind the bar anymore so I’m not always hungover and I always try to take 1 day a week to do whatever makes me happy.

What is the coolest WTF experience Bartending has afforded you thus far?

I got to pair a cocktail with Jonathan Whiteners dish for Chef Ducasse and Francois Thibault, I will never forget that moment.

If a guest gave you a million dollar tip, what cause would you donate to and why?

World Central Kitchen, Jose Andres is a huge inspiration to me and during a time when our government did not step in to help Puerto Rico he was the first person there and continues to feed people in need.

What are some tips for young guns looking to break into the industry?

Go to every seminar, take every meeting, enter competitions, work hard, don’t expect things to be handed to you.

Move to LA to become a bartender if … (fill in the blank)

You are ready to have an amazing life and be part of one of the best bar cultures.

Shameless plug time, what are you working on that the thirsty readers can expect you?

I would say just stay tuned….

If you did a cocktail tour of LA, what bars would be on it?

K-town is my go to spot-First Gui would be with me and we would start at the best KBBQ place (I cannot divulge our secret spot) then Prince for the best White Russian I have ever had, then off the HMS Bounty where the have a Wiseman Spesh, a shot and a beer, and I swear it was not named after me! Next-Frank n Hanks for a mystery shooter, they mix whatever they have in the back and they won’t tell you whats in it, I have had some major misses with that move. Then finish my night at Normandie Club/Walker Inn with a proper cocktail. BEST NIGHT EVER!!

Follow Christine on Instagram – @dramawise 

Broken Shaker Los Angeles Details

416 West 8th St
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
(213) 261-3599 | freehandhotels.com/los-angeles | @brokenshaker

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