Hidden Gems and Tequila: Dianne Lowry from The John Dory

As the head bartender at The John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel, Dianne Lowry is one of NYC’s most talented mixologist. Trained by legendary barman Sasha Petraske, the de facto creator of the NYC cocktail bar who passed away last summer – the cocktail menu at The John Dory pays tribute to him, by offering some of the drinks he enjoyed most during his nights out at the NoMad restaurant – we sat down with Dianne to talk cocktails, what she drinks, where she likes to drink and her no-fail hangover cure.

Drinking With Dianne  Lowry

What is your favorite NYC Bar to hangout at when you are not working and what is your favorite cocktail there?

My favorite bar when I am not working is probably the Black Ant in the East Village. I drink the mezcal margarita there.

What is your go to drink when you are out and does it change daytime vs nighttime?

Daytime, I like to drink an Old Cuban with Angostura Bitters and rum. At night, drink a margarita or mezcal.

Do drink coffee or tea?

Coffee. Coldbrew because it’s stronger and less bitter. I either go to Stumptown or Variety in Williamsburg by my house.

What was your first job in the Industry?

I was a coat-check girl at a French restaurant in Chelsea when I was in college.I was like 18 or 19 and I think that it was called Chelsea Bistro.

What is your favorite after-work place to drink?

The Nomad.

What is your best hangover remedy?

Alkaseltzer followed by V8. The Alkaseltzer settles the stomach and then you get the salts from the V8.

What is your favorite cocktail and food pairing at John Dory?

I would say the Katie Collins – it’s a gin collins with muddled celery – with oysters.

What is your favorite low-key / date-night spot?

The Saint Anslem in Williamsburg on Metropolitan. The food is good and the service is always spot on. It’s simple and easy.

What are you into right now as far as cocktails? What is your summertime drink?

I am into Swizzles and crushed ice. My Summertime drink is either a margarita or the Choir Boy on our menu: gin, Aperol, muddled cucumber and lemon.

Who is you best drinking buddy?

Christian, who used to bartend at Roberta’s and now he is a flight attendant for Delta.

Hidden NYC gems?

Lanterns Keep around 40th Street (ed: West 44th St., inside the Iroquois Hotel)

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Probably being trained by Sasha Petraske.

When was the first time that you got drunk and what where you drinking?

I was like 16 years old, I was at a friends house party and I was drinking Tequiza. Do you remember that? beer and tequila mixed together in a bottle.

The John Dory Details

1196 Broadway (inside the Ace Hotel), 212-792-9000, www.thejohndory.com

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