SoulCycle, Italian Food & Kola House: Drinking With Eric Marx

If you have spent any time out in the NYC party scene, chances are you have encountered – or even hung out with – Eric Marx. A partner in The Metric, along with Lisle Richards, Marx boasts an impressive portfolio, including the newly opened Kola House – a joint venture with PepsiCo located in Chelsea which features farm-to-table dishes and creative cocktails with a focus on the kola nut – as well as Midtown hotspot, The Wayfarer. He previously worked as Director of Operations for EMM Group. In the sometimes smarmy world of NYC nightlife, Marx stands out as affable and sincere, dedicated to making every night the best experience possible for his guests.

Let’s go drinking with Eric Marx

What is your favorite place to hang out in NYC and your go-to drink order? 

My favorite place to grab a drink when I am off is probably Plug Uglies. My go-to order is Oban on the rocks.

What was your first job in the Industry?

My first job in the industry was cooking in a kitchen in Long Island. It was miserable.

What do you love, and hate, about working in nightlife? 

I love the action, not being in an office all-day and taking care of people. What I hate is the hours.

Coffee or Tea and where do you go?

I drink a lot of coffee, I usually search out La Colombe’s and order their coldbrew.

What is your best hangover remedy?

A liter of water before I go to bed and a class at Soulcycle in the morning.

What is your favorite place for a low-key / Date night spot? 

Super Chill night probably just hanging out at a friend’s apartment or maybe getting a group of friends together and going to the third floor of Spotted Pig. I haven’t had a date in a while so probably Polo Bar.

What is your go-to food when you are drinking? 

I like eating Italian food when I am drinking

Mentors in the industry

I look up to the bigger restaurant operators like Steven Starr and Danny Meyer and Tao Group.

What are you most proud of in your career?

The relationship that we have been able to build with Pepsi and opening Kola House.

How is the Collaboration with Pepsi Different than the other venues that you have worked with?

All of the other projects that I have worked on I have been the owner or worked directly for a restaurant operator but this is the first time that we are working with a big major company that hasn’t really been in the restaurant business. It has been a great working relationship and there are a ton of moving parts.

What is something interesting that people might not know about you?

 I live in Midtown.

Favorite NYC Gems, under the radar  spots?

Emilio's Ballato Restaurant NYC

Photo Credit: Zagat

 Sushi Zo, Emilio’s Ballato, and a number of places inside Chelsea Market.

In your words what is Hospitality to you?

Hospitality is making sure that you take care of people, you provide a great experience that makes them leave with a good feeling, something that resonates and makes them want to come back.

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