Cold-Pressed Juice, Matcha and Meatballs: Drinking With Michael Chernow

When you think of Michael Chernow, it’s probably as The Meatball Shop mogul or the man behind seafood hotspot Seamore’s. However, it is his new fresh pressed juice project, WellWell, that aims to showcase an integral part of his lifestyle that is very important to him through health, fitness and and, well, wellness. The organic cold-pressed juice is made with watermelon, tart cherry and lemon, and touts its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help your body recover from workouts or just everyday stress. Let’s find out more from the man himself.

Drinking With Michael Chernow

Tell us 3 things people need to know about WellWell.

Wellwell Organic Juice Cleanse

WellWell is a functional, cold pressed juice focused on recovery – from fitness and also everyday life. Watermelon carries the richest property of L-Citrulline, a potent amino acid, of any fruit or vegetable. WellWell is all organic and the lemons are biodynamic.

How did you all team up?

Sagan Schultz, our CEO, was introduced to me through our mutual friends at Lululemon. When Sagan showed me what he was working on (the WellWell formula) and gave me a taste, I was blown away! Then he shared with me the functionality and health benefits of the juice, that was it, I was in. I brought in Larry Praeger, COO, who is incredibly well versed in the consumer packaged goods space and WellWell was born!

You are known for making fitness a priority. What’s some advice for staying active in the hospitality industry that is all about food and drink?

Fitness for me is the one thing I do outside of work and family that truly impacts how I get through life. When I do good things with body and put great things in my body, I know I am a better person. I schedule fitness into my day like a meeting, try to train at gyms as close to the restaurant and don’t waste anytime once I’m there. An hour of fitness a day, makes for 10 hours of balance and clarity. As for staying active when it comes to food and drink, I have a 80/20 rule: I eat 80% super clean and healthy and 20% whatever I want. I typically eat super clean Monday through Friday and on weekends, chow like a champ.

The transition from meatballs to cold pressed juices might seem odd to some. Other than being a Chef/Restaurateur why should people trust your involvement with WellWell?

Well actually, I went from meatballs to sustainable fish, then to juice! As I get older, health, wellness and the environment have become a bigger part of my life. I am not the kind of guy that is screaming from hilltops about what you should do to change the world, or yourself for that matter. Taking care of yourself translates into taking care of your surroundings, WellWell is another way to offer a fun and healthy option for folks to put great things into their body. When you put great things into your body, your body smiles.

What’s the coolest thing you learned about juice throughout this process?

That juice heals, for real!

We always address the hard-hitting questions at thirsty, so: coffee or tea?

Matcha/double iced  from Cha Cha Matcha.

We know you aren’t a drinker, but where would you recommend if a friend asked you for a bar with great food?

Employees Only

You are quite the renaissance man, what’s next for you?

Haha, I’m blushing now. I am building a team to help me grow Seamore’s a bit, but honestly, my plate is pretty full. So that’s all for now.

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