Enjoy World Class Cocktails with NYC’s Best View at Après at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

The stunning views are undoubtedly one of the most impressive things about rooftop bars and lounges in NYC— and Après Cafe at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has some of the very best in the city. Perched atop the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, the cocktail bar and cafe offers panoramic 360-views of New York City and beyond, along with a top culinary and beverage experience from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events. With a bar program led by seasoned hospitality leader Raul Zavala, a visit to Après at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a must for city dwellers and visitors alike.

Since opening in 2021, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has been attracting visitors who want to experience the jaw-dropping views and interactive exhibits. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is connected directly to Grand Central Terminal in the center of Midtown Manhattan part of a series of anticipated openings at One Vanderbilt as part of the $3.3 billion development. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is an innovative destination that combines unparalleled vistas, curated multi-sensory experiences and cutting-edge technology to offer an unprecedented guest experience spanning art, nature, and design.

It includes an all-glass enclosed elevator called Ascent which travels up the outside of the building to breathtaking views that soar at 1,210 feet above New York City. Adventurers can enjoy stepping out into fully transparent glass sky boxes called Levitation that jut out of the building and suspend guests 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue while the SUMMIT features Après Cafe, complete with seating areas to enjoy the magnificent views and the highest urban outdoor alpine meadow in the world.

Featuring both an indoor lounge and open-air terrance, Après at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a respite from the buzzy streets below —1,063 feet below, to be exact. (NOTE: to gain entry to Après, guests must first purchase a ticket to the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Experience). The craft cocktails are made with a variety of exciting brands including Stray Dog Wild Gin, Chinola, Ron Viejo de Caldas, Community Spirit Vodka; there is also an extensive wine list and NYC-influenced bites including Griddled Hot Dogs, Pretzelsaults, Pinwheels and Cake Pops along with a Golden Beet Salad, Seasonal Grain Bowl and a selection of sandwiches.

“Being part of Union Square Events, quality is imperative,” Raul Zavala tells thirsty. “We represent one of the best hospitality companies in NYC, people from around the world come here to see us and what we have to offer. We pour our hearts and solus on everything we do. This makes us be able to meet and exceed our guest expectations with enlightened hospitality, excellent quality, and consistently great flavors, all while honoring the legacy of Danny Meyer.”

Raul Zavala, the Beverage Director at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, has a remarkable background in the hospitality industry. Born and raised in Guatemala City, Raul’s culinary journey began at a young age, being part of a culinary family where his father was a Chef and his mother was a cake baker. His passion for the culinary arts led him to help out in the kitchen from the age of 10.

In 2009, Raul made the pivotal move to New York City, where he started his career in bartending. He honed his craft and quickly climbed the ranks, working at prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants like Betony, The Modern, Bar Boulud in Lincoln Center, and Ager Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. Along the way, he had the opportunity to be part of the opening teams for various bars and a Hotel Bar on Roosevelt Island.

In October 2022, Raul joined the Union Square Events team at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt as Head Bartender. Within a short time, he demonstrated his creative skills by revamping the cocktail program, ensuring speedy service without compromising on quality. This dedication to excellence earned him a promotion to Bar Manager, where he continues to lead and refine the entire bar program.

Beyond SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, Raul also contributed to the reopening of two sister venues, Tacocina and Yellow Magnolia café in Brooklyn, further showcasing his expertise and versatility in the industry.

For Raul, one of the most rewarding aspects of working at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is the opportunity to craft world-class cocktails and serve guests from all around the globe. He takes pride in leaving a lasting impression on visitors, not only through the breathtaking city views but also by providing a top-notch cocktail experience that they’ll cherish and remember. As the Beverage Director, Raul Zavala’s passion for mixology and commitment to exceptional service truly shine at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

And the cocktails certainly do make an impression. Guests can expect the classics but can also experience a new lineup of drinks, created by Zavala and the talented team at Apres.

“One of the things that makes my bar programs so special is working with authentic New Yorkers and with people who bring the American dream alive,” says Zavala. “That’s why I use a selection of craft family-owned brands like Stray Dog Wild Gin, Community Spirit Vodka, Chinola, and Ron Viejo de Caldas, showing our customers New York’s beautiful diversity and essence in every ingredient of our signature cocktails. These brands also have a give-back mission that I fully support.”

“NY is a city of dreamers, and this bar is run by dreamers keeping the American dream alive and tasting delicious!” Zavala says. “So come on into the SUMMIT experience, let yourself be taken aback by the breathtaking views of the most electrifying city in the world with world-class cocktails to pair with it.”

What to Drink at Apres at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt:

Passion Fruit Cosmo

Community Spirit Vodka, Orange liqueur, Passion Fruit, Lime

Skyline Punch

Chinola, Ron Viejo de Caldas, coconut, cucumber

Flying in Space

Stray Dog Wild Gin, Butterfly Pea Tea, Tonic, Blackberries


About the Featured Brands:

Stray Dog Wild Gin ($39.99 MSRP, 750ml bottle)

Stray Dog Wild Gin brings you the best of the Mediterranean in a glass. This exceptionally smooth and complex gin can be savored neat or mixed. Wild foraged herbs including sage, rosemary, fennel seed and bay leaf come together with mastiha, fresh orange and lemon to create a bright, herbal and truly savory gin.
From the unspoiled mountains of Greece to your home.

Stray Dog Wild Gin donates a portion of sales to animal shelters that provide veterinary care and homes to stray animals, many of which now thrive at their new homes.


  • Double Gold Medal Winner / San Francisco International Spirits Competition
  • Gold Winner / New York Int’l Spirits Competition
  • Greece Gin of the Year / New York Int’l Spirits Competition

Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur ($32.99 MSRP, 750 ml bottle):

Made in the remote Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic, Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur is the first-ever shelf-stable fresh fruit liqueur inspired by the old-world style of European liqueurs. Chinola (chee-noh-lah), as passion fruit is called in DR, has six passion fruits in each bottle and no artificial flavors, highlighting the natural and perfectly sweet and tangy balance of this sacred fruit. Its bold and bright flavor mixes well with any spirit, from tequila to whiskey, to create a twist on cocktail favorites or even as a standalone drink.

The brainchild of well-known industry gurus, including Gabe Orta and Gui Jaroschy, and Andrew Merinoff, one of the co-founders and CEO whose family lineage in the industry goes back generations. Chinola has been key in supporting the infrastructural growth of the Samaná community, from building a road that makes this area more accessible to creating small bridges, electric poles, and water wells that help boost tourism and the local economy.

Community Spirit Vodka ($29,99 MSRP, 750ml bottle)

Every single part of Community Spirit Vodka, from the blank canvas on the bottle to the way we do business, exists for a singular purpose: To support the often unseen efforts of individuals and organizations who inspire our community spirit. Every case and cocktail sold, Every ounce poured, Puts more resources into their hands. And when you buy this bottle, That’s what you’re buying into. The next time you raise a glass, you’ll be drinking something that lifts up communities. That’s The Community Spirit.

Ron Viejo de Caldas ($29,99 MSRP, 750ml bottle)

Ron Viejo de Caldas captivates with its delightful combination of a sweet, caramelized, and fruity aroma, perfectly complemented by its exceptional flavor. This renowned Colombian rum has garnered recognition both within Colombia and on the international stage. Crafted with the finest spring waters and meticulously aged in Colombian White Oak barrels at an altitude surpassing 2,200 meters, this meticulous process is the essence behind its spirited taste, ensuring it shines brightly no matter where it is savored.

Ron Viejo de Caldas is committed to environmental sustainability, actively mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the brand is dedicated to implementing rigorous water conservation and management practices to reduce its environmental footprint.

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