Ezra Star of Drink in Boston: “Cognac Will Blow Your Mind”

For Ezra Star, the rockstar General Manager of Drink in Boston, “there’s really no bad Cognac.”

And Star – who holds the honors of being nominated for American Bartender of the Year at the Spirited Awards 2017, as well as one of Food & Wine’s Best New Mixologists – is certainly one to trust on the subject.

“I recommend going out and trying to get many different kinds of bottles,” Star recommends. “Don’t just get the ones you’ve heard of – try to get the small companies, try to get some of the weirder bottles from the big companies. It’ll just blow your mind.”

When it comes to Boston, Star continues, “it’s such an interesting town. It’s not at all what I think a lot of people expect when they’re looking from the outside in. Cognac really plays into that well.”

Cognac, she continues, “its almost an innovator’s drink to an extent and it fits into almost anything drinking-wise: it pairs with food, it works well with cocktails, it works well on its own.”

“I think I’ll be drinking Cognac for the rest of my life, for sure.”

Video shot by Elliot Clark | @apartment_bartender.

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