Felix Roasting Co. Opens in NYC with Creative Coffee Cocktails

It’s pretty obvious that coffee has become a major part of the drinking culture. With java-dedicated shops popping up all around the city, it’s basically impossible to walk a block without seeing a caffeine-centric spot (I’m looking at you, Starbucks). But in a city that also loves alcoholic drinks, there are very few options that marry the two.

Enter Felix Roasting Co., a brand new spot on Park Avenue South, offering both artisanal blends and a creative mix of coffee-based cocktails. At Felix Roasting Co., resident coffee expert and barista, Reagan Petrehn, is breaking the mold of your run-of-the-mill java joint with Ethiopia Guji Hambela Filter Coffee and an assortment of housemade milk – selections include almond, cashew, pepita and oat – along with the aforementioned boozy beverages like the Hickory-Smoked S’mores Latte, the Late Summer Shrub with Serrano Chiles and Botanicals and a Deconstructed Espresso Tonic.

“I’m always looking for fresh ways to incorporate ingredients (coffee or other) into a bigger concept such as a general category or a style of preparation,” says Petrehn. “In the case of the espresso-tonic, I knew the mood I wanted to achieve and built up from there. The result is a crisp spritzer-esque drink that is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.”


Photo credit: Adrian Gaut

As for his thoughtful coffee-based cocktails, Petrehn explains, “I consistently love working with Amari and other bitter liquors such as Gran Classico or Campari. The trick is to match the subtle bitterness of coffee – so many try to mask it, but a balanced cocktail will mirror it.”

And while the cocktails are certainly a draw at Felix Roasting Co., sometimes it’s good to just keep things simple, with Petrehn saying, “I’m a sucker for a great cappuccino.”

Aren’t we all.

Open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. during the week and at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Felix Roasting Co. will also feature an all-day exclusive selection of croissants, brioche, doughnuts and more from Supermoon Bakehouse as well as beer and wine.

Cocktails at Felix Roasting Co.

The Hickory-Smoked S’mores Latte

All beverage photos by Special Sauce

Made with espresso, steamed graham-cracker infused milk, 70% dark chocolate and cinnamon, this Insta-worthy drink is garnished with a house-made salted caramel marshmallow, torched to order, and smoked with hickory wood chips beneath a bell jar then served in a coupe glass with chocolate, graham cracker-dusted rim.

Deconstructed Espresso Tonic


Prepare to be blown away by this drink, with espresso, tonic water, hibiscus-amaro reduction and Meyer lemon juice, with a spritz of rosewater and sprig of fresh lemon balm. It’s served in a large Bordeaux glass, with the espresso component in a small side decanter.

Shrub with Serrano Chiles and Botanicals

This blend of juniper, rose, seasonal herbs, cucumber and fresh Serrano mix together for a refreshing and spicy sip.

Felix Roasting Co. details

450 Park Ave South; felixroastingco.com; @felixroastingco

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