Finding the Best Cocktails In Las Vegas

You might think that Las Vegas is nothing but tacky casinos and marry-me-quick chapels, but you’d be wrong. In the last five years, Sin City has come on leaps and bounds in its attempts to attract a younger and trendier crowd of tourists.

One of the biggest areas of change in Vegas has been in the nightlife. There is now an absolute abundance of great nightclubs and cocktail bars for non-gambling tourists to enjoy. In this article, we’ll look at five of the best places to grab an alcoholic fusion in the famous city. 2020 real money poker games online malaysia have grown into huge spectacles. With known malaysian online poker players throwing around millions of dollars at trusted online poker sites it is only a matter of time until more professional poker players emerge from Malaysia.

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Mayfair Supper Club

The Bellagio is one of the best places to play poker in Vegas, but it is now also one of the best places to grab a great cocktail. Mayfair Supper Club opened on New Year’s Eve 2019 replacing the space once taken by old favorite Hyde.
It’s opening on the dawn of the 2020s was symbolic as this modern bar and restaurant were designed as somewhat of an homage to the iconic Jazz Age of Las Vegas and America in general. There are singers, dancers, musicians and performing artists in the dining room at all times to add to the nostalgic vibe of the venue.

If food isn’t your thing then grab a spot at the bar and take your pick of Old Fashioned’s served in smoking boxes, lemon drop martini’s in citrus bubbles and champagne cocktails topped with sweet pink cotton candy.

The Bellagio; 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South


You’ll find Giada’s super chic Italian restaurant in the Cromwell Hotel and if you turn up unannounced be prepared to wait a long time for a table as queues have been known to curl around the block. If you book ahead you’ll be able to enjoy some of the very finest food available in Vegas served up to you by friendly and attentive waiting staff. Drinks-wise there are a range of continental beers to choose from but if you’re looking for something to blow you away order the G Cocktail.

The restaurant’s signature drink is their head chef’s own take on a Pisco sour that’s been made extra fruity. Pineapple syrup and apricot balance out the initial sour burst of the cocktail perfectly to keep your sipping away right to the bottom of the glass.

Cromwell Hotel; 3595 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Juniper Cocktail Lounge

The second casino entry on the list can be found just off the casino floor at the super famous Park MGM. The sleek and trendy lounge blends comfort and sophistication well enough to make even the hardest to please of guests calm and relaxed.
As the name would suggest, there is quite an emphasis on juniper in the majority of cocktails on the menu. Aside from the juniper, there is plenty of variety on offer with unique fusions from all around the world available to order. Bar staff go the extra mile to make their drinks as visually appealing as possible so bring your cell phone and get uploading those pictures straight to Instagram.

Park MGM; 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Hash House A Go Go

There are three separate chains of this bar/restaurant dotted around Las Vegas but the quietest, and therefore easiest to get a seat in is this one on Main Street South. The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside is that Hash House A Go Go is an absolute hipsters delight. The food on offer won’t win many accolades amongst the critics but it’s tasty and affordable which is all you can ask for in a restaurant not run by a Michelin star chef.

Back to that food, you’ll want to make sure you eat as much as possible to soak up the absolute buckets of alcohol poured into the signature cocktails. The Electric Lemonade is a tangy beauty with enough alcohol to knock out an elephant! If you’re looking for something slightly lighter and a little bit sweeter give the Spiked Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade a go, it even comes without alcohol for those designated drivers so your designated driver can enjoy it without worrying.

1 Main Street South

The Golden Tiki

Chinatown in Vegas is somewhat of a hidden gem as it often gets overlooked by tourists who are drawn to the flashing lights of the gambling strip. Down the bustling Chinatown streets, you’ll find the amazing Golden Tiki, home to savvy tourists and local beverage dilettantes. The interior has somewhat of a bizarre look with their unique collection of “shrunken heads” catching the eye when you first rock up to the bar. But don’t let that put you off what are possibly the best cocktails in the whole of Vegas.
The Dole Whip Float with rum is an artistic masterclass that packs a tasty pineapple punch which is balanced out perfectly by the more than amply helpings of rum.

Chinatown; 3939 Spring Mountain Road

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