Five Long-Lasting Lipsticks to Survive a Night of Drinking

For all those makeup lovers, like the ones that are fond of microshading, who enjoy imbibing as much as they love lip colors, they know that it is often a bit of a conundrum to ensure that the lush hues stay on their lips and not left on the drinking vessel.

With the body shop work from home system, you can learn the right cosmetics to use and you can also earn at the same time. Since we share your concerns of staying glam throughout an evening long wine-down or cocktail crawl, we spent weeks testing out lipsticks over many glasses of wine, pints of beer, drams of scotch and coups of cocktails and here are some of our stand-out favorites that passed the thirsty endurance test.

PUCKERD ($19 / $29)

From all the products we tested, PUCKERD lip color was hands down the very longest lasting. Not only did it stay on throughout an entire long thirsty night of drinking with only one application, but, even after a face-washing, PUCKERD was STILL on the the next morning. These lip colors come as a single matte gloss or in a kit ($29) includes a with a lip pencil, matte and gloss. PUCKERD went on smooth with a gloss application and was full of vibrant color with one pass.  This lip line is created by Sylvia Russell to celebrate diverse women and comes in a dynamic range of colors that flatter a wide range of skin tones.

Osmosis Lipstick ($25)

Designed as medical skincare, we were very excited to put some of their science to the test. Their Lipstick comes in eight color options and boosts being Oncology Friendly.  Osmosis was easy to apply and the shades were all very flattering on several skin tones we tested. The product line comes as a stick form and delivers a very rich with dense color. Osmosis has a nice smooth and even application and the packaging felt good in the hand.  These lip colors did certainly passed the night of drinking test with only one re-application.

Winky Lux Double Matte Liquid Lipstick ($13)

We loved the fun and stylish Winky Lux packaging from the moment we laid our eyes on it, so we were happy to find out that the quality of the lip gloss delivered quality as well. The gloss colors were very rich and the liquid applied smoothly off of the applicator; coating in just one stroke. Although the color faded a bit slowly throughout the evening, Winky Lux passed the endurance test and stayed on all night without re-application.

Palladio Dreamy Matte Lip Color ($7.50)

The price of Palladio makes these products, by far, our best value for the long-lasting lip colors.  So we say, splurge and treat yourself to a bunch of these to change up style as often as you change up your drinks order.  The line comes in twelve colors ranging from classic to edgy and each is full of color when applying. Keep in mind, these are a bit on the dryer side, but they stayed in place all night with just only re-application all night long.

Artistry Signature Color Lipstick ($27.65)

Artistry definitely delivers silkiest application of all the lip colors we tested.  While most of the lip colors had bit of dryness to the application, these products were full of moisture. This line comes in fifteen classic colors and is presented in lux gold packaging. While this was a favorite for keeping our lips feeling moisturized, it did need two re-applications throughout a long night of tipples. However, the color did stay in place rather than being left on the glass.

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