Flower Lord at Ludlow Liquors in Chicago

We are suckers for a good 50/50 martini and also suckers for fortified wine, so we are really into the Flower Lord cocktail at Chicago’s Ludlow Liquors. Known for their cocktail service by the ounce, Ludlow Liquors prides itself on encouraging their guests to drink through a myriad of stirred drinks.

One of the fan favorites is the Flower Lord that was created by Co-Owners,  Jeff Donahue and Wade McElroy. They say of the cocktail, “The inspiration for the Flower Lord came from wanting to bring a bright 50/50-style martini to the menu and having had just been introduced to a delightful new fortified wine product that was naturally colored blue with Butterfly Pea Flower (Uccelli Bitter Aperitivo). The addition of the Aperitivo alongside a few of our favorite gins and a house blend of dry vermouths gave us exactly what we wanted out of the summertime stirred drink.”


Flower Lord at Ludlow Liquors recipe

  • 1 oz. Big Gin
  • 1 oz. Scofflaw Old Tom
  • .75 oz. House Dry*
  • .25 oz. Uccelli Blue Bitter Vermouth
  • Barspoon of Apologue Celery Liqueur

House Dry*

  • 2 parts Miro Vermut
  • 1 part Carpano Bianco
  • 1 part Lustau Fino Sherry

Stirred and served up with an express lemon swath (discard after) and enjoy.

Ludlow Liquors details

2959 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618; ludlow-liquors.com; @ludlowliquors

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