Focus On Health Offers Art Of The Toast Creative Journaling Workshop For Healthy Expression

The past few months has forced us to face a global pandemic, systemic racism, economic crisis, social isolation … it is a LOT for even the most eternally positive optimist. To provide a healthy outlet for the industry to cope with an extremely stressful atmosphere, Focus On Health is offering a program with Pen 2 Paper Project to provide an opportunity and outlet to express themselves in written word.  With so many of our community struggling on multiple levels, this is a safe space to open up and engage in dialogue on a myriad of pressing conversions society is grappling under the universal theme of Art of the Toast.  

This one-hour creative journaling course will be held Monday, July 6th at 8PM EST / 5PM PST and is open and FREE to all.

To sign up and reserve your spot, click the link HERE

Lauren Paylor, Co-Founder of Focus On Health, shares, “Focus on Health has taken a major pivot since we first started to prioritize the conversation regarding COVID-19 and #BlackLivesMatter. Our programming and resources focus on ways to achieve mental, physical and financial wellness. We felt that there was great value in providing a resource that provided people having a difficult time with a dialogue/ conversation in regards to the pressing topics with an opportunity to have an outlet, a way to discuss how they are feeling.”  On the theme of the session, she explains, “the toast is something that is sacred in the food and beverage world. We toast our teammates at the beginning of our shifts, toast our guests who are celebrating special occasions, visit our bar family and toast to life … and sometimes, we also toast to honor death. So through the workshop, we’ll raise a glass to what may be some of our lives’ most challenging times, how we’re coping, what we’ve learned and why there is room to celebrate.”

Paylor hopes to continue the series in the future additional writing workshops and  offering other creative outlets to help provide the beverage community with healthy outlets for coping with stress and trauma.

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“Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.” // Nelson Mandela 

About FOH

Co-Founded by Alex Jump (Death and Co.) and Lauren Paylor (Silver Lyan) Focus On Health was born as an idea for Alex’s pitch at the Most Imaginative Bartender Competition in 2019. With a history of anxiety and depression and a desire to find a healthy way to cope with the stresses that come with working in the Food and Beverage industry, Focus On Health was born. Focus on Health aims to provide hospitality professionals with the tools and resources to better their lives through health and wellness education, programming, and outreach. We hope to help those in the food and beverage industry find ways to create long-lasting careers in the hospitality field by encouraging them to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and otherwise. We believe that no person is too small to make a change. Something that has led both of us down the path to founding Focus On Health.

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