Food and Beverage Pairing Trends to Watch Now

Following the lockdown, the beginning of 2021 was mainly focused on small-group consumption of food and beverages at home, and this trend is expected to continue in some months to come. Drinking at home has never been easier, owing to the abundance of specialty wine stores, online portals, and mobile applications that provide a broad range of local and international beverages and make ordering as simple as a few clicks away. To make sure that you’d have a smooth Wine and Food Pairing process, you may visit a site like for great help! However, if you’re about to open a food and beverage business, consulting a food lawyer is essential for ensuring compliance with all legal regulations, from food safety to permits and necessary licenses.

During the lockdown, wine, flavored gin, and expensive craft beers became the preferred drink of choice for at-home events. People have grown accustomed to entertaining and dining at home, and they will want better and more opulent at-home dining experiences, putting pressure on local restaurants and caterers to raise the bar on their delivery platforms. In 2021, DIY table décor and flowers, build-your-own food packages with exotic ingredients, and even hiring (COVID-compliant) chefs to prepare meals for celebration feasts at home will all be popular. Buying a beautiful dinnerware set at sites like can also enhance your dining experience.

Imports and international travel came to a standstill in 2020, forcing us to rely on locally available choices, particularly for food. India today has world-class culinary brands ranging from homegrown asparagus and avocado to indigenously handmade cheese and liquor-infused chocolates, helping us appreciate our native soil more than ever before. It’s never been a better time to shop locally. Food imports have been progressively dropping in recent years, and it is now thought that our reliance on globally produced fruits and vegetables is likely to be a luxury reserved for the wealthy, while the majority will seek out the finest quality local products available.

An increased focus on health

For the most part, the worldwide epidemic has served as a wake-up call to pay more attention to our health and well-being. Emotional, mental, and physical health have all been top priorities for many individuals in the years leading up to 2020, as seen by peoples’ food choices. This trend is also excellent news for the world of wine — reams have been written on the health advantages of wine (when taken in moderation, of course), and as a result, wine sales increased significantly during the year. The pandemic prompted us to reconsider our beverage preferences, with many whiskey drinkers choosing for the health advantages of wine, a trend that appears to be set to continue far beyond 2021.

Because of the epidemic, many people’s eating habits have altered dramatically. Goodbye, buffets, and welcome, plated individual servings. As a result of the pandemic, sharing food has become a dangerous business, and the transition to individual portions has resulted in a greater emphasis on what we put on our plates, as well as a deeper intimacy in the eating process. Because we’re paying more attention to what’s being provided, we’re naturally paying more attention to what we’re matching with our meals. Smaller, individual servings allow customers to graze and sample a variety of alternatives rather than concentrate on bigger quantities of a single dish. Consumers will be able to combine different foods with numerous wines — and try with more wine genres than they could have previously. Die-hard wine connoisseurs are all over the use of clever pouring devices like Coravin, which allow them to drink wine one glass at a time.

Gifting Wine for Special Occasions

If there will be more indoor hosting and socializing, and more wines will be uncorked at home, it is only reasonable that everyone brings a bottle of their favourite wine, right? As a result of the BYOB culture, wine will become the favoured hostess present, rendering flowers, candles, and chocolates even more useless. When invited to a party at someone’s house, it’s never been more appropriate to bring a bottle of wine – wine has become a staple present in our nation, and I see wine sales increasing through 2021, with well-known imported brands and premium Indian wine labels being the go-to choices for giving.

Plant-based meat flavors

Plant-based meals are going through their own taste evolution. As more vegan, meat-substitute goods reach the marketplace, taste innovation will follow.  New plant-based goods, such as vegan beef, chicken, and sausage, have been introduced to the market in recent years. Vegan hamburger, beef, chicken, and pork tastes are among Gold Coast’s most popular savory flavors. Next, we expect the vegan market to spice up its products with vegan meat + heat tastes such as vegan jalapeño bacon, hatch chili hamburgers, and chipotle chicken.

Chicken’s stock rose during the pandemic, according to Comax Flavors, and soared throughout this pandemic. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a taste. “Chicken was the number-one ‘Most Tweeted About Food in the United States,’ according to Twitter’s Top-10 list, which compared tweets from March 1 to September 1 of 2019 with the same time from [2020],” Comax writes. Comax’s new Chicken Soars taste line, which includes Chicken Vegetable Soup, Fried Chicken, and Grilled Chicken, was inspired by this love of chicken. In a news statement, Comax’s Armstrong stated, “Whether it is genuine poultry or a plant-based imitation, people adore chicken.”

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