Four Loko Pumpkin Spice Proves That Pumpkin Spice Rules the World

Pumpkin Spice is everything you love to hate about the fall and winter season.  Let’s face facts that Pumpkin Spice is the new normal embrace that the ubiquitous flavor-of-the-moment cannot be stopped from invading our lives as soon as a chill hits the air.  With everything from coffee, beers, muffins, creamers, liqueurs, vodka, and the list goes on, getting in the Pumpkin Spice game, this new entry had us raising an eyebrow.   is getting the Pumpkin Spice game and we have to admit, we are intrigued.  Having garnered a cult following – us included – a few years back and almost getting banned for being unsafe, Four Loko is still alive and kicking.  And so they decided that would celebrating the fall leaves changing and leather jacket season with a less than original, yet still intriguing, flavor – Pumpkin Spice.

Although it is probably going to be a one and done sip tasting, we’ll definitely be trying this one.  Ladies and gents … here is the Four Loko Pumpkin Spice.


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.11.24 PM

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