Fragrances Bar By The Ritz-Carlton Berlin Debuts At Tales Of The Cocktail 2019

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin transported their innovative ultra-sensory concept, Fragrances bar, to Tales of the Cocktail 2019 with a fantastical pop-up experience. Led by Arnd Heissen, Bar Manager, the Fragrances bar cocktail menu is a glimpse into his artistically brilliant mind. Drawing inspiration from iconic perfume houses, Heissen orchestrates a cocktail menu that invites guests to order by selecting their favorite scent from the likes of Serge Lutens, Amouage and Guerlain, all signature scents of the pop-up’s featured bartenders.

Heissen, along with other notable bartenders from across the Marriott International portfolio, recreated Fragrances bar at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans for a two-day pop-up, giving Tales goers an extraordinary cocktail event that excited their olfactory sensations.

Fragrances Bar Experience at Tales of the Cocktail 2019

After nomadic stints in America, Latvia and Turkey, Arnd Heissen moved to Berlin when he became interested in aromatherapy and psychology.  Studying these practices, he became fascinated by the way smell, taste and personality traits are connected. Arnd’s unique approach to mixology is guided by leidenschaft — a passion that causes pain and requires a search for what is missing. “In order to find something, you have to start looking. The journey back to the origin of our taste and its individual development leads us to a world that awakens our senses, awakens our hidden memories, and provides us with new, as well as long-forgotten impressions.”

When we asked Arnd about the experience of bringing Fragrances to Tales of the Cocktail, he expressed, “Cocktails are like a unique language only gifted bartenders are able to speak. With the concept of Fragrances we were able to introduce 12 precious characters to the bar world, that we can and should be very proud of. It gave me goosebumps getting to know the culture of New Orleans and Tales through the eyes of aromatherapy. The week [at Tales of the Cocktail] underlines the thought that true luxury is authentic, empathic genuine service. This will always be priority above all. At the Fragrances pop-up bar in New Orleans, we were able to connect a lot of people through their perfumes. That is what bar is about.”

The idea to bring Fragrances to Tales of the Cocktail was born after Marriott’s Senior Beverage Manager, Gary Gruver, experienced Arnd’s original concept in Berlin during Bar Convent.

“I knew bringing his creation to TOTC would unite our bartenders behind a single point-of-view and give them the space to tell their personal stories,” Gruver explains. “Our involvement in TOTC is fueled by our mission to strike passion and elevate talent within our ranks, while showing the world the unique concepts we hold within our many hotel brands. We hope that people learn about the opportunities of working for a company like ours and that it is our charge to give them a platform within our rising business.”

For more information about Fragrances, visit their website HERE and follow them on Instagram –

Video by Eric Cecil and Photography by Anthony Nader exclusively for Thirsty

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