Free Holiday Gifts That Don’t Require Cash Proving Love Don’t Cost A Thing

To say that the holiday season hits different in 2020 is a friggin’ massive understatement. With the hospitality industry on life support across the globe, many in our community have found themselves unemployed or under-employed and precious financial resources are being rationed for the necessities of living. There is no shame at all in not having money to spend on the luxury of gift giving this pandemic holiday season, trust us, you are not alone. You don’t need to spend a lot, sometimes, even a photo book from will more than suffice. Make up with creativity! This year, many of use are not looking to save money with discounts on holiday gifts, a lot of us simply don’t have money to spend.  So we turned to our industry friends to get some inspirational ideas on gifts that don’t require investment or dipping into any savings to show others you care for holiday 2020. Speaking of gift ideas, if you want to surprise your kids this holiday with toys, make sure the gift that you will give to them is safe and quality. Top9Rated brings you the best kid toy reviews online and will help you with your purchasing decision.

Free Holiday Gift Ideas for Pandemic Giving Season 2020

Artwork by @artbyakta 

Buy Nothing Groups

Head to social media to find or create a local Buy Nothing Group in which you give and receive from your community and exchange everything and anything. This no-cash barter system can allow you to swap something you don’t want or need and turn to your neighbors and take part in a support system that allows recycling and decluttering of goods and gain free stuff you can gift.

Erica Michelle Long, “We’ve used it for everything from just items we’re purging like clothes or decor to helping get food in the hands of friends in need when we have a bit extra. It’s been really wonderful. We even have people offering Christmas trees! Everyone has something and everyone needs something, so it’s amazing to have put them together and gain a little sense of community in the process”

Get Crafty With Booze “Trash”

Many in the industry have access to typical waste items like wine corks and it turns out, wine corks are quite the commodity for the crafty set. If you prefer giving booze instead, then it’s nicer if you add some complementary elements as well, such as Monogrammed Wine totes.

Morgan Paige Fluss, “I’m making “grape cluster” ornaments out of corks (from bottles I am consuming)… They run online for $8-$17, but this is much more cost effective.”

Jena Lane, “I’ve made place card holders out of corks with leather cord and brass tacks, you just saw a line in the top for a card to fit in!”

Sandra Kallin, “Corks are very fun to craft with; you can make little dolls or animals for kids, pinboard for teens and potholders or coasters for adults. Muselets can make little chairs for dollhouses.”

Jakob Kramer-Jensen, “Making air-plant holders or succulents out of the wire from bubbles bottles and yarn I also use the corks too.”

Gift A Little Piece Of Talent 

The industry is full of creatives with big hearts who have a lot of goodness to share, so we love the idea of giving a little piece of yourself and your talents.

Joanna Carpenter, “I’m going to be spending time in my voiceover booth making personalized recordings for friends telling them how awesome they are. That way if they’re having a bad day they can listen to the reminder and hopefully get a little boost.”

Paula Fidler Lukas, “Coupons or cards offering your help such as pet sitting, babysitting, cooking them dinner, helping with cleaning, organizing, shopping or running errands. Everyone is stressed right now and could use some help.”

Other Gift Ideas That Don’t Require Money

Natalie Mauser-Carter, “If you’re in the industry and have a bunch of half full bottles around, create your own infinity blend and hand samples out.”

Aleka Ross,  “List of QR code’s that link to your favorite podcast / Spotify list or IG accounts.”

Adriana Soley, “Share your artistic abilities in a heartfelt way – letters, drawing, song writing, poetry, anything to share your talent to show you care.”

Camper English, “Everybody’s getting ice cubes this year!”

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