This Whiskey Sour Variation ‘An Apple A Day’ By Jesse Peterson Is A Winner

The Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic 2022 just wrapped up with the Grand Finale in Nashville, Tennessee. After a national search for the best original Whiskey Sour interpretation with Gentleman Jack, Jesse Peterson of Los Angeles was crowned Champion going against competitors Austin Hay (Denver), Stephen Wood (New York), Amy Van Buren (Nashville), Alana Barber (Tampa),  Josue Mancero (Chicago), Jonathan Stanyard (Seattle).

Her ‘An Apple A Day’ cocktail was judged the ultimate winner awarding Jesse the $10,000 Grand Prize. We spoke to Peterson and she shared about the competition and cocktail – keep reading for more.

“The Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic competition was about so much more than a drink. It truly was an experience that centered around family and friendships. I never expected to form the bonds with my fellow competitors the way I did, but I’m so much more of a grateful bar-woman because of them. Their talent and energy fueled me to really bring everything I had to the table, no holding back. My cocktail, “An Apple A Day”, was a reflection of how much I truly enjoy Gentleman Jack and how much you’re really partaking in a brand that has so much history and legacy behind it. I’m beyond humbled by this recognition and will continue to have Jack in my cup for many, many years to come. Cheers, with gratitude.

‘An Apple A Day’ is truly a cocktail based on a simple memory… my love of Apple Jacks cereal! Bringing a little fresher flavor to this incredibly smooth ride with Gentleman Jack is another great Jack Daniel’s expression, Tennessee Apple. Paired with a fresh Granny Smith apple cordial and bright cinnamon, this cocktail is nostalgic but stays true to what the whiskey sour is and why we’ve loved it for so long.“


  • 1.5oz Gentleman Jack
  • .5oz Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple
  • 1oz Lemon
  • .5oz Applejack Cordial*
  • 1 egg white
  • Pinch of salt

Dry Shake / Wet Shake. Double Strained over a large rock. Garnished with a dried Apple chip and grated cinnamon.

*The cordial is a sous vide combination of granny smith apple juice, demerara & white sugar, cinnamon sticks, and a touch of high proof Jamaican rum.

For more information on Gentleman Jack, visit their website: and follow along at @GentlemanJackOfficial 

The 2022 Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic was managed by Sweet&Chilli.  Follow @sweetandchillidrinks on Instagram or visit to learn more about the Global Drinks Agency.


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