The 9 Best Places For Large Format Drinks in NYC

Bigger may not always be better – unless you are talking about these large format drinks which are perfect for a night out with friends. They are easy to share and delicious but still pack a “punch.” Or try taking one down yourself if you’re really Thirsty!

Power Punch at The Anchor

The Anchor  is making sharing easy by offering a variety of punch bowls, including the Sea Shanty Punch, a mix of Champagne, brandy, oranges, lemons, limes, pineapple and strawberries, and the Power Punch, made with Bacardi 151, Bacardi Silver, coconut rum, pineapple, oranges, limes and grenadine. If you ask nice, they will even make a custom concoction, based on your spirit and flavor preferences.

310 Spring Street; 212.463.7406;

G.M. Gurton’s  Punch at Dead Rabbit

G.M. Gurton's
Recently named the “World’s Best Cocktail Bar,” the Dead Rabbit is know for their killer concoctions, including their Pisco, the Grandieur and the G.M. Gurton’s Punch made with Myer’s Dark Jamaican Rum, Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, sherry, lime sherbet, fresh lime juice, muscovado sugar, green tea and ginger syrup.

30 Water Street; 646.422.7906;

Bookhouse Boys Punch at Death & Co.

Bookhouse Boys Punch
Since this is Death & Co., the shareable punch is complicated and exciting – and delicious. There are three different large format options on the whimsical menu but we love the Bookhouse Boys Punch, made with chamomile-infused Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Old Weller 107 Bourbon, fresh lemon and grapefruit juices, ginger syrup and açacia honey syrup. You’d be crazy not to try this.

433 East 6th Street; 212.388.0882;

Sadie Hawkins Sling at JBird

Sadie Hawkins Sling
An upscale cocktail lounge on the Upper East Side, JBird serves up creative cocktails, including the popular drinks-for-two. Go for the Sadie Hawkins Sling, which bourbon-based and tropical flavored or the Tiki Oasis Punch, with dark rum, black tea, vanilla, lime and cinnamon.

339 East 75th Street; 212.288.8033;

Sangria Valencia at Barraca

It’s starting to warm up which means lots and lots of rose. For spring, we are all about the pitchers of the refreshing yet strong Sangria Valencia at Barraca, made with rose, citrus oil, grapefruit juice, vodka and ginger. Want something different? Don’t fret: Barraca has a handful of choices.

81 Greenwich Avenue; 212.462.0080;

Isla Punch at Cienfuegos

Isla Punch
Since opening in 2010, this East Village rum bar has been knows for its potent punch. There are over a dozen options like the Isla Punch with rum, guava, lychee and orgeat. Hate rum? Try the rum-less Red Bush, made with rooibos-infused Elijah Craig 12 year bourbon and apricot liqueur.

95 Avenue A; 212.614.6818;

1-Liter Margaritas at Pulqueria

At Pulqueria, a subterranean hangout in the heart of Chinatown, guests can enjoy one-liter pitchers of margaritas from the selection of 5 daily flavors. And don’t worry about drinking too much – they have tacos.

11 Doyers Street; 212.227.3099;

Harvest Punch at Clover Club

Harvest Punch

Thanks to Julie Reimer’s Clover Club, artisanal craft cocktails made their mark on Cobble Hill, and as the menu says, punch is “the granddaddy of all drinks.” The options change seasonally but the Nice Pear Punch – served in a bowl from Reimer’s personal collection – with Pisco, pear brandy, Velvet Falernum, lemon juice and Moscato and the Harvest Punch with rum, cognac, mulled apple cider and lemon juice are must-tries.

210 Smith Street; 718.855.7939;

The Smoke on The Water at The Drink

The punch-heavy menu at Williamsburg’s The Drink is the ideal choice for drinking with a group. The Trade Winds blends rich flavors like pumpkin, chai and dried chili pepper syrup with scotch and solera sherry while our favorite, the tequila-based Smoke on The Water, balances tawny port and smoked green tea. Not in the mood to share? The Drink also offers all of their large format concoctions by the cup.

228 Manhattan Avenue; 718.782.8463;

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