The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Juice Cleanses

Love ‘em or hate ‘em – everyone who’s tried a juice cleanse has an opinion about it. Options range from one-day stints to 30+ day juice-only diets – typically for the sake of health and wellness. In any case, forgoing solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a different experience for all. Whether you’re taking a 24-hour hiatus from chewing or enduring an entire month of liquid meals, our hospitality and fitness friends give us some food for thought (well, maybe not food…). Many people struggle to stick to a juicing diet, but that’s because they don’t try out different options like the juice you can get from HTTPS://WWW.ORANGINA-NA.COM/PRODUCTS/.

“Seriously the amount of chlorophyll I’m getting these days is off the charts.” — Chef Edelman @leftbanknyc

The Good

Pure Green CEO Ross Franklin, New York City @thepuregreen

“I usually do a 2 to 3 day cold pressed juice cleanse about once a month. After the cleanse, my energy level goes through the roof, my skin glows and get I get a laser-focused edge that helps me keep my focus in business meetings. I feel unstoppable!”

Hi-Vibe Organic Superfood Juicery – Recipe Developer Marisa Moon, Chicago @hivibechi

“My biggest fear during my first cleanse was that I’d be hungry–food on the brain, all day, all night. I was shocked to learn that the opposite was true! I was SO satisfied, in fact, that I ended up having extra juice left over! Goes to show you how the body is only truly hungry for nutrients, and when we cleanse with a variety of raw organic juices, the amount of nutrients we ingest is remarkable!”

Burn 60 Studios – Fitness Trainer Katie Jo Zayon, West Hollywood, CA, @kjmenden

“Day 1: I can’t believe it’s only day 1. Day 2: why does it feel like everyone is talking about food around me? Day 3-6: All positive self-talk, you’ve got this, focus on the end result and how great you’re already feeling. Boom you’re at the finish line! Days 1-3: why did I even decide to sign up for this? Days 4-7: I legit feel like I’m a new woman and I could possibly conquer the world!”

Women’s Health Expert Nicole Granato, Los Angeles, and Australia @nicolegranatowellness

“I love a juice cleanse now and then. I think it is super important to give your digestive system a real break and reboot your system. I also find them exciting because for a few days you don’t have to do much planning or prepping for meals as its already there in front of you! Not to mentioned the epic glow in my skin.”

Left Bank Executive Chef & Co-Owner Laurence Edelman, New York City @chefedelman @leftbanknyc

“I’ve been drinking a green smoothie every morning since January 1st. I’ve been drinking them like they’re going out of style. And I am loving life. Seriously the amount of chlorophyll I’m getting these days is off the charts. I can’t believe I’m turning into a health nut.”

The Bari Studio Founder Alexandra Bonetti, New York, and Los Angeles @yayabonetti

“I’m not particularly masochistic when it comes to doing a cleanse, so I think the best kind of juice cleanse is one that includes some food. My favorite is Juice Press’ Clean Eating Day 5 — if only as a means to eat the Summer Kelp Noodles for dinner. They are (speculatively) pure crack and make guzzling down any vegetable concoction worth it.

Love & Salt Executive chef & Partner Michael Fiorelli, Los Angeles @chefmichaelfiorelli @loveandsaltla

At the start of a cleanse it’s only natural that you’re thinking about whole foods and looking at what other people are eating. Just the smells in the kitchen alone make it tough. But after a couple of days when you start feeling the positive results, your thoughts become healthier. Like: “what am I going to put in my next juice?” Or “what am I going to do with the two extra hours I have from waking up early tomorrow?” I definitely have more time on my hands when I’m juicing. I wake up earlier, sleep better and feel more refreshed.” –

The Bad

Box+Flow Instructor Caitlin Delaney, New York City @cait_delaney_

“After an offer, I couldn’t refuse, I excitedly decided to do a 3-day cleanse. In my mind, the one-day cleanse didn’t seem effective enough and the 5-days cleanse was a little too ambitious. The first day was definitely the hardest. By midday, I had to avoid any human contact. I was a total introvert and had a raging headache for hours (not sure if my nagging helped…). I gave myself a timeout and put myself to bed at 9 pm sharp. Day 2 was a little easier- my survival tactic was pure distraction. I kept myself busy-physically+mentally in any way I could but was running on fumes. The final day couldn’t have come soon enough. I saw the finish line and it made my first bite of avocado toast that much sweeter!”[clickToTweet tweet=”my survival tactic was pure distraction — @cait_delaney_ #juicecleanse” quote=”‘Day 2 was a little easier- my survival tactic was pure distraction. I kept myself busy-physically+mentally in any way I could but was running on fumes.’– Box+Flow Instructor Caitlin Delaney, New York City @cait_delaney_”]

Robin Diamond Public Relations Owner Robin Diamond, Miami, @robindiamondpr

“[I’m] always open to trying the latest health trend to accompany my already healthy, clean and active lifestyle, I decided to give a juice cleanse a try. When Miami’s first juice spot opened and I learned they did cleanses, I signed up, picked up the massive box of juices to last me 3-days and cleared out my fridge to make room. Day 1, no prob. All were tasty (the greener the better in my book) and the “mylk” was delicious or perhaps that was the hanger clouding my head. Day 2 rolled around and I was like, I got this…. until I started to feel like death. Hunger aside, I was achy, cramp-y and had flu-like symptoms, not to mention super bloated – something I never have. I kept telling myself mind over matter, mind over matter, but by late afternoon of day 2, I told myself to stop punishing myself. I hate quitting, but I since I felt so awful, I gave in, got over the defeat and ate! I still love juices and drink breakfast or snack, but I’ll never juice cleanse again.”The Ugly

Craveable Hospitality Group Pastry Director Zac Young, New York City @zac_young @craveablehg

“Things that don’t mix with a juice cleanse: Hot Yoga, watching Food Network, watching any TV show where they are eating, watching any TV period…especially when there are commercials for Dominos. I was in college when the Master Cleanse was a thing. I originally went to school for musical theater. We could tell who was on the cleanse because they all carried around piss yellow gallons of water. I gave it the old college try, lasted two days, then passed out in ballet. Every time I’m on a cleanse and I see my dog eat his dinner, I think, ‘you lucky bastard’.”

Baba Cool Founder & Owner Gabriella Mann, Brooklyn, NY @babacoolbk

“Can I be frank? Juice cleanses are not my thing. The first time I tried to do one was 8 years ago. I got 5 juices from Liquiteria in the East Village and was planning on drinking one every 3 hours. By noon, I started feeling so faint that I had to lie down. I then decided the only way was to drink all in one sitting. That was the last time I did a juice cleanse.

Tasting Table CEO and Co-Founder Geoff Bartakovics, New York City @geoffbart

“I’m never going to do this again.”


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