How Good Music Sells More Booze + Food

You know the moment.  You’re sitting at a bar or restaurant and a few drinks (or sliders) in and all of a sudden a song comes on.  “I love this song!” you say and you start grooving in your chair or at your bar stool.  That’s not an accident.  In fact, bars and restaurants all around the world are (hopefully) curating their music lists just as they curate their beer, wine, and cocktail lists.    Or… maybe you don’t even notice it.  It’s part of a booming business we often call ‘background music’ (your parents used to call it elevator music) at bars all around the world. Aside from good music, having a stable internet connection like the one serviced by ADSL Broadband would also open a new window of leisure for customers.

A recent study found that the #1 place Americans actually hear their music is from being in the BACKGROUND at the bars, restaurants, stores, gyms, etc they frequent. And if it’s good, they are more likely to SPEND money. More on beer, more on Moscow Mules, milkshakes, wings; more on experiences…

U.S. consumers collectively make 90.9 billion business visits per year, with each visit resulting in a potential touchpoint for music exposure. 41% of consumers spend more time in a retail location if they are enjoying the music.

“It’s common sense that if you’re playing good music, whether it’s a bar or restaurant, store or spa, the patron is going to have a better experience,” says Ola Sars, founder, chairman, and CEO of The world’s fastest growing B2B music streaming service, Soundtrack Your Brand.  “If they’re having a good experience they are more likely to stay longer.  If they stay longer, they are more likely to spend more.  It’s a domino effect and it all starts with music.”

Soundtrack Your Brand recently partnered with MRC Data to conduct an unprecedented consumer analysis on the music listening habits in the United States. The result of the findings is that B2B music, music playing outside your headphones while out and about, now serves as one of the top music sources for Americans.

That new Drake song?  There’s a very good chance you heard that song first while in a bar, store, restaurant etc.  But that Jimmy Buffett song playing while you’re drinking beer or tequila at a Caribbean or Key West resort?  That’s on purpose, and music streaming companies like Soundtrack Your Brand are providing it to more than 40,000 brands globally.

Soundtrack Your Brand and MRC Data research findings include:

-79 percent of respondents say they listen to music that’s being played when they visit an establishment, and listening to music they enjoy increases their enjoyment of their experience.

-Music has the ability to affect behavior like time and money spent. 41 percent of respondents say they will spend more time in a business if they enjoy the music and 21 percent of respondents say they are more likely to make more purchases.

-39 percent of respondents say listening to music they enjoy makes them more likely to return to a business, and 19 percent say they are more likely to recommend the same business to a friend.

“We as consumers don’t think about it or consciously notice it.  But the music playing in the hotel lobby is different from the music playing in the hotel spa, the hotel bar, the hotel restaurant and so forth.  Usually, it’s the exact song needed for that vibe.  You might only notice it when it’s not.”  Sars was named a 2021 International Power Player by Billboard Magazine.

In fact, Americans make over 3,041,012,301 visits to bars and pubs each year, and 96% of those people say they notice the music being played, while 54.9% of those patrons say they actually stay LONGER if the music is good!  Would you leave a bar or go back if the music was off?

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