NYC Beer Week: Think you hate IPA? Try these IPAs

Even some of the most seasoned beer drinkers are turned off by an India Pale Ale. They can be bitter and intense and just a bit too strong for even the most adventurous of palates. Now, as NYC Beer Week kicks off, The Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of some IPA’s that will be easier to enjoy.

As the WSJ explains, beer is made of four ingredients: water, grain, yeast and hops. Some styles are defined by how they balance those components—an Irish stout’s mix, say, of mineral-rich water, tannic yeast and darkly roasted grain. Others showcase one player in particular. In a Belgian dubbel, it’s a deep, fruity yeast. In IPAs, it’s hops.

Below are the publication’s recommendation for some interesting, flavorful and delicious IPAs for drinkers who generally dislike them:

1. Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA (9.4% ABV): Hop-of-the-moment Mosaic bursts through this beer like a splash of mango nectar. It comes on like fruit soda but finishes with an IPA’s bracing bitter kick.

2. Widmer Brothers Old Embalmer (10.2% ABV): Oregon’s Widmer has a long relationship with Yakima Valley hops growers, and often gets first dibs on experimental strains like John Haas’s X-431, featured in this barley wine. The beer is strong, and its caramel sweetness complements the hops’ notes of blood orange and grapefruit rind.

3. Tallgrass 8-Bit (5.2% ABV): Like a sweet-sour mojito, 8-Bit blossoms rich and juicy—pineapple and cactus fruit—but drifts off with a menthol-ish tickle into a cooling finish. Hot and cold, deep and bright, springtime in the desert.

4. New Belgium Rampant (8.5% ABV): A brash name for a bright and bubbly beer. Mosaic and Calypso hops provide fruity flavor—peach, pear, pluot, strawberry—but classically American-accented Centennials provides a tempering zest of candied lemon peel.

5. Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL (5.0% ABV): This “imperial lager” gets its juiciness from New Zealand-grown Nelson Sauvins hops. Named for Sauvignon Blanc and the star of the burgeoning Kiwi hops industry, this strain mimics the gooseberry fruit and sweet finish of cool-climate white wines.

*featured image courtesy BeerSnobChick

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