Easy Hacks for Healthier Drinking During Holiday Cocktail Season

As the holiday season officially commences, it’s certainly beginning to look at lot cocktails. With social calendars jam packed with revelry, it is easy to festive indulgences to lead to over doing it.  Here at Thirsty, we fully support personal decisions to abstain, imbibe in moderation or to responsibly get your tipsy on.  Let’s be real and acknowledge that alcohol can never truly be called “healthy,”  but you can make easy choices for healthier drinking to enjoy libations during the marathon holiday party season in a more mindful manner.  For some expert tips, we spoke to Brookelyn Suddell, Director of Group Fitness Strategy & Development at Crunch Fitness to get some ideas on how to keep your glass raised during all of the joyful festivities and treat yo’self while still staying on point and on track with your realistically health & fitness goals.

Cocktail Hacks for a Healthier Drinking This Holiday Season

Avoid the sugar, go for Spice!

Sub out sugary-sweet sips for warm & flavorful spice! The holidays are all about warm & comforting spices, take advantage of flavors like ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, even nutmeg, to amp up your cocktail without the extra calories. Try pairing with antioxidant, vitamin-filled fresh fruits like pomegranate, orange, lime, or cranberry for extra flavor!

Tall Glass & Ice are your friend

Use a tall skinny glass like a high-ball filled with ice, this leaves less room for calorie-filled spirits & juices but will still feel like a substantial serving. Also, while sipping your cocktail over time the ice will melt a bit giving you extra hydration. Cheers to hangover-free holiday mornings!

Moo-ve Away from Dairy Products

There’s nothing quite like a rich, creamy eggnog or white Russian around the holidays – But the dairy in these delectable drinks can wreak havoc on your digestive system and your skin! Making you feel sluggish, bloated and can even cause terrible breakouts. Instead of dairy-based products, reach for a milk alternative like almond, coconut, or oat milk.

Think Flat for Flat

While fizzy bubbles in a cocktail make for a party in your mouth – They are also the culprit responsible for holiday bloat, and the carbonation in your favorite drinks can actually irritate the lining of your stomach. To avoid the “bubble-bulge” try sticking to flat/non-carbonated cocktails so you can keep that flat tummy as well! Bonus Tip, artificial sweeteners and syrups can also cause bloat, try to avoid if possible.

Swap the Soda for Sparkling Water

If you love a little effervescence in your drinks, try a few of these substitutes to get the flavor you love without the extra calories you don’t!
SWAP ginger ale FOR sparkling water w/ fresh ginger
SWAP sugary tonic water FOR sparkling water w/ fresh lemon & lime
SWAP cola FOR sparkling water with a few drops of Cola-flavored syrup (the same ones you might use in a SodaStream, this way you can control the amount going into your cocktail, and put in just enough to get the desired flavor without the extra sugar.)

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