Homebrewer’s Brunch at Taproom No. 307

Homebrewers: this one is for you.

This Saturday, April 19, Taproom No. 307 will host a special brunch where guests will be invited to ry unlimited samples of local homebrewers’ creations, including several unique and delicious offerings from Taproom No. 307’s own beer sommelier and chef. There will also be a mead from Bob Slanz, a well-known homebrewer and bee keeper – he has over 150,000!

For $25, guests will be treated to brunch and will receive their own glass to try all of the different homebrewed varieties – all are invited to bring their own, but it’s not required – and the People’s Choice winner gets brunch for free.

For more information, email, party@taproom307.com.

307 3rd Avenue; 212.725.4766; www.taproom307.com





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