Simple-To-Make Alcohol-Free Cocktails To Try This Fall

It seems fair to say that as the world has matured and advanced through technological innovation, our sense of time has shifted. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is evident that we’ve started to demand activities, that we once endured without questioning, to be faster and more adaptable to what suits our modern needs. Whereas, in the past, we used to put up with grocery store lineups or cook meals and make drinks that took hours and dozens of ingredients and equipment, we now have websites like to discover ways to cut down the time it takes.

Of course, this mentality extends to many things, not just the dining experience. For example, individuals can buy followers on social media platforms like Instagram, reducing the time it takes to build their following, while online gamblers can use fast payout casinos, which means their withdrawals are processed within minutes, and they can receive their money within 48 hours. The Internet has led to this shift since individuals can read articles and watch videos on websites like The Verge, which offers advice on how to build your Instagram following, and gamblers can read a article about fast payout casinos, for example. Everything is fast-paced and on-the-go. Similarly, when it comes to the food and beverage industry, we’ve seen a transition to people wanting food and drinks with fewer ingredients due to the ease of creation and consumption. Another major innovation of the past few years has been the introduction of zero proof and low-to-no-ABV liquors, to cater to a group that is increasingly choosing to abstain from alcohol.

As we move into autumn 2021, below are a few three-ingredient alcohol-free cocktails to try now.

French 75

You might recognize this drink as it’s made an appearance in classic films like “Casablanca”. The mocktail version makes a few substitutions to the Parisian drink, boiling it down to three easy ingredients. All you have to do is add one ounce of simple syrup and one ounce of lemon juice into a shaker and shake it with ice. Then, you strain the drink into your glass of choice (preferably a flute) and top it with fresh sparkling brut.

Sakura Martini

A drink that’s inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom, the Sakura Martini sounds like it would take a lot of work and ingredients. Luckily, it’s a recipe that will take you less than ten minutes to make. Start with one ounce of cherry blossom syrup by Monin and add it into a highball glass, with ½ ounce of lemon juice. Next, add ice to the glass and sparkling water. That’s it!

Piña Colada

Pina Coladas will never go out of style. All you have to do is get a blender and then add seven ounces of pineapple juice, two ounces of coconut cream, and one cup of ice, and you’re ready to sit out in the sun!
The rise in technology has resulted in many cultural shifts, including our desire for instant gratification. We want faster payouts and to build our platforms in less time, just as we’ve seen the popularity of minimal food and drink recipes remerge.

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