How This Music Advertising Company is Changing the Taste Of Your Wine with Vibrations

We’ll have another! Glass and song, please! SoStereo, the music for advertising team that matches ‘real artists making real music with brands that want to be remembered,’ has a unique spin on their newly released wine club, and it’s all about the music and vibes; finely curated vibes that make a lasting impression on wine.

It’s a lesser known fact that the taste of wine can be altered by music and its vibrations. With that in mind, and the notion that music makes everything better, SoStereo has created their first blend of genre-crossing wine by infusing it with sound and vibrations from speakers at a live show as part of their newly launched bespoke quarterly wine club. The club will feature various
wines and different artists offering a variety of – well – tastes and sounds! First up is a collaboration with the artist duo Wolves, currently licensed in So Stereo’s catalog of music available on their platform for advertisers and brands.

Wine drinkers and sommeliers around the world know that how wine is stored – temperature, light, age, humidity, etc. – drastically affects the taste, but not many talk about the influence of sound. SoStereo found that before being exposed to the music, their first chosen wine was a smooth cabernet sauvignon from California’s north and central coast but then took on aromas of dried herbs and black stone fruit when exposed to the track ‘Energy’ by Wolves. After exposure, the cab is altered to a higher quality wine that has been aged for many years. The bass and treble make a difference and add the flavor to their first quarterly wine creation.

Selecting the right track was integral to this taste-altering process. To develop the right flavor, the team sought out an upbeat, energetic song to pair with the cabernet sauvignon. Having worked with the band previously on commercials for Chevrolet, Masterclass and Target, SoStereo knew they would have the ideal sound. They knew the vivacious performance style of
Wolves perfectly paired with the wine.

The wine bottles were designed in house and inspired by vintage bottle designs and art enjoyed by the team at SoStereo, as well as being a nod to the company’s roots and color scheme. Each release of SoStereo wine will have a completely different style to the next. Expansions to the campaign will include aging and pairing wine with playlists and beyond. This first wine release is currently for existing clients of SoStereo. To subscribe to their quarterly wine club, SoStereo is asking people to share their experience of the wine on LinkedIn/Instagram and tag them. Every bottle of wine contains a unique QR code and a case is
up for grabs for a lucky few. Limited quantities will continue to be available.

Co-founder at SoStereo Beto Azout said, “Music really does make everything better, it can take something from good to great. Like a commercial or any video content for that matter. That led us to talk about other things that are globally liked, and wine was of course one of them! Thetrack ‘Energy’ was an easy choice, Wolves have a really eclectic sound & performance style and we wanted the wine to feel smoothly energized. They actually recorded three tracks for us, and we all sat in a room and listened to them. Everybody’s faces lit up when this track came on which was exactly the reaction we wanted from the wine too.”

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