Hungover? Hang on – Hangobi is Here!

We love a night with good cocktails but what we don’t love is overindulging. But alas — things happen. We know there are remedies – Tylenol, B12 shots, IV’s and long showers drinking straight from the shower spigot. But now there’s a RTD made just for your hangover: Hangobi.

Hangobi poses as the perfect post bender potion for those looking to recoup and rejoice in recovery. Made with the intent to nourish your system with a boost of adaptogens and actually good-for-you ingredients, Hangobi is a one stop shop that’ll leave even the most drained drinkers uplifted. Whether you need some shut eye and you still have the jitters or you’re headed into the office post a big night out on the town, Hangobi’s trifecta offers mood based solutions for your desired outcome.

Available in Wake (a blood orange tangy flavor with enough caffeine to sustain the day), Essential (a ginger profile flavor helping you through a rut), and Calm (a tart cherry flavor enabling you to unwind). The trifecta of flavors serves as a cure-all for those seeking to regain their stamina and start or end off the day the best way possible.

“As a former athlete, I needed something that was good for me at all hours. What I discovered was there were a variety of different needs based on my mood,” says Conrad Oberbeck, CEO and founder of Hangobi.

Count us in.

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