Industry Luminary Chris Patino Wants You To Know This Shirts Fight Cancer

If you are a member of the beverage industry in the U.S., chances are Chris Patino has touched your career path in some way. Earlier this year, Chris shared with the world that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. With all going on in 2020, this news shocked and saddened the industry, but those who know Chris best know that he’s got this and is ready to fight. The Co-Owner of Raised by Wolves in San Diego and Co-Founder of Bartenders Weekend has been a fierce advocate for so many throughout the years, and it is time to call upon the industry to help join his fight.

Patino announced a new fundraising initiative, “This T-Shirt Fights Cancer,” with proceeds being donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and is available for purchase at – Check back for new items like this mug that fights cancer.

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This T-Shirt Fights Cancers by Chris Patino

Chris Patino Shares with Thirsty about This T-Shirt Fights Cancer:

The response so far from the industry has been great. To be honest the support I have received since my original diagnosis in July has been overwhelmingly positive and has filled me with immense gratitude. But there is still work to be done. In order for to be successful, I need help to expand the reach beyond just out industry. We all have friends and loved ones that have succumbed to or are fighting various forms of cancer, so if you have purchased a shirt, or even if you are unable to given the current circumstances, I would be forever grateful if you could help to share my story and our website.

The plan is to have continue with different artists creating new creative t-shirt designs to help keep things going. And right now, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Pancreatic Action Network*, but we are also looking into industry related support options for members of the spirits and hospitality industry. There are so many fellow bartenders and industry professionals that have reached out to me to share their personal battles with cancer, that I was moved to want to help, even in some small way, even while fighting cancer myself. If you’re a mental health advocate, you might be interested in these be kind t shirts.
*for compete transparency the proceeds are currently being split between Chris Patino’s fund and

Chris Patino Announcement on Social Media about “This T-Shirt Fights Cancer”

This T-Shirt Fights Cancer.
Here it goes…..I did a thing! I have been so joyfully overwhelmed by all of the love and support that I have received so far during my fight against cancer, that I wanted to do something to share all of that positivity, while raising awareness about this dreaded disease. So here it is:

The artwork for our inaugural t-shirt was inspired by Woodrow Guthrie and designed by Dave Stolte (@homebarbasics), and will hopefully be the first of many in our efforts to raise awareness for cancer. A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold will benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The first organization dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer.
So if you are are able to support this initiative please visit our website listed in the comment section below, and if not, you would be doing us a huge favor just by sharing this post or the link to the website.

That’s it for now, I’ll be in the chemo chair tomorrow, asking for dad jokes. In the meantime, thanks again for all of the love and positivity. Be sure to keep an eye out for new shirts and additional artists coming soon. And as always, f*ck cancer.


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