Introducing The Busker Irish Whiskey To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Exciting news for this festive March 17th: The Busker celebrates its first St. Patrick’s Day available in the U.S. with its inaugural digital campaign entitled, ‘Proud to Be Irish, Born To Be Here,’ paying homage to the Irish tradition and the extraordinary quality with which The Busker is produced at Royal Oak Distillery.

The Busker is a “new to world” Irish Whiskey that is born out of a modern Ireland, where the contemporary and bold meet at the crossroads of tradition. Disrupting the Irish Whiskey landscape, The Busker launches in the U.S. showcasing a revamped, adventurous and modern look into the category


The Busker includes all four types of Irish whiskeys—Single Grain, Single Pot Still, Single Malt and Blend. The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth is a blend combining the Single Grain with a high percentage of the Single Malt and Single Pot whiskeys. Matured and finished in three different casks (bourbon, sherry, marsala), this whiskey brings three different notes of smoothness.

The Busker Single Collection, represented by the three traditional Irish Whiskeys (Single Grain, Single Pot Still and Single Malt), is produced under one roof at the world-class Royal Oak Distillery, one of the country’s largest distilleries proudly located on an 18th century estate in the Ancient East region of County Carlow.

The superior taste and quality is largely due to the highly skilled team including their Master Blender, John Ramsay and Distillery Manager, Lisa Ryan. Together, they possess a combined 55 years of experience creating premium spirits. Ryan brings a commitment to high quality ingredients and an eye toward innovation. A member of the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, Ramsay brings a wealth of experience having been the Master Blender for some of the world’s most awarded and respected whisk(e)ys.

The Busker Irish Whiskeys – Triple Cask Triple Smooth:

The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth is an extraordinary Blend made with a high-quality Single Grain and a very high percentage of Single Malt and Single Pot Still. It is a beautifully yellow gold colored whiskey, full with an unmistakable rich body. The nose often leads off with tropical fruits and vanilla notes. The journey continues with notes of malt, sweetness and dark chocolate, while more subtle notes of toffee, fudge and cinnamon add intensity. The whiskey concludes with a mellow, well balanced, sweet finish; it was awarded the 2020 Gold Medal by the L.A. Spirits Awards.

The Busker Single Collection – The Three Traditional Irish Whiskeys

In the history of Ireland, the centuries-old production of whiskey has always consisted of three classic styles: Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot. At once guided by a futuristic vision and firmly founded in tradition, the Single Collection is the utmost expression of the soul of the Royal Oak Distillery, where three classic Irish whiskeys are produced all under one roof:

  • Single Grain: The secret to The Busker’s Single Grain is in choosing the highest-quality spirits and combining them with our hand selected bourbon and marsala casks. The Busker Single Grain is a light, pale straw colored whiskey. The taste begins by offering sweet caramel and moving to soft vanilla and oak notes. On the palate you will experience notes of caramel, vanilla, oak and hay. The finish is long, dry and sweet.
  • Single Malt: Enjoy the outstanding Single Malt matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks to bring you a complexity that is waiting to be experienced. The Busker Single Malt is a deep golden whiskey. It begins with an arrangement of fruit, which gently leaves space to an explosion of pine essence and malt biscuit. The palate is very intense, with rich, chocolate notes. The whiskey concludes with a sweet and creamy finish. Awarded the 2020 Platinum Medal, Best Irish Whiskey by the L.A. Spirits Awards.
  • Single Pot Still: The Busker Pot Still is a distinctive expression to Ireland, created to bring you on a journey of exceptional character. Matured in bourbon and sherry, the Busker Single Pot Still is an intriguing whiskey with a burnished copper color. It opens with a rich and complex bouquet, consisting of fresh flowers, honey, oak, fudge, and clove oil. Taste buds kick off with some beautiful intense spices and peppery notes, balanced splendidly with toffee as you reach a long, warm, rich spicy finish. Awarded the 2020 Gold Medal by the L.A. Spirits Awards.

For more details, visit and follow along at @thebusker_official. 21+ please.

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