So there’s a Blue Beer, Abashiri Blue Beer

With the craft beer movement taking over, we’ve seen our share of interesting, artisinal, unique and downright funky beers … but just when we’d thought we’d seen it all, here comes Abashiri blue beer.  Unlike our beloved green beers on St. Patty’s day, this beer markets itself as 100% all natural.

Abashiri, Japan

Made from water sourced from melted icebergs from the Sea of Oskhotsk off the coast of Japan, local flowers and blue seaweed, obviously. This beer has been available in Japan for a few years, it is just now coming to the U.S. for our bizarre pleasure.  But hey, we can’t knock it until we try it.  So although we don’t have a review of the taste, we do know that we are totally playing Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue” and hanging with The Blue Man Group while we drink it, sorry couldn’t help ourselves.

Abashiri Blue Beer | Japanese Beer

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