Bar Crawling with Jimmy Carbone at Taste of East Village

If there were to be a mayor of 7th St in the East Village, it would likely be Jimmy Carbone. Owner of Jimmy’s No. 43, he is basically the man. I had the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of what the neighborhood has to offer recently at the Taste of East Village, going bar to bar with the Jimmy’s No. 43 owner while sampling tasty treats.

There was food from purveyors like Van Leeuwen ice cream and Luke’s Lobster.  One of the Luke’s Lobster founders, Ben Coniff (Forbes 30 under 30), was out there slinging lobster rolls and chatting up the other locals.

This was not a whack ass NYC street fair selling $5 sunglasses; it was a true neighborhood block party.  All of the vendors were donating goods for the betterment of the community.  Proceeds went to support the Cooper Square Committee which works to preserve and develop affordable and environmentally healthy housing and community/cultural spaces on the Lower East Side.

Remember when that gas explosion literally blew up a building of 7th St a while back?  Well that building happened to be the one right next to Jimmy’s No. 43.  Long story short, it messed up the local business’s and that’s what this event was put together to help with.

The Bar Crawl

After getting a stuffed mushroom, Jimmy started us off at McSorley’s.  The saw dust is still on the floor in there and you get to pick the “dark” or “light” beer option.  It took us only a couple minutes to down two darks a piece before heading to Extra Bar at Porsena.  Here we had an aperitif called an Americana involving Cappelleti Vino Appertivo, Cocchi Vermoth, sparkling water, and lemon peel. Bitters and freshness were a pleasant change after the beers.  Extra Bar in a homey narrow rectangle of a bar playing movies while serving wine and beer. It’s a good casual bar to pop into that can never get too crowded because of the layout.

Americana Taste of East Village

Apertif Americana

After popping over to the Liquiteria vendor for a refreshment and a final hole punch on my ticket (each ticket gets you four tastes) we headed to Jimmy’s No. 43. At 3pm he was having a tasting of Soltado tequila which is a serrano pepper and cinnamon infused tequila – mighty spicy!  Jimmy has been taking advantage of the changes to the NY state distiller law changes spearheaded by Samuel Filler.   The bar has about nine different types of spirits crafted right here in The Empire State to choose from.

The Local Spirits

The John Henry Single Malt Whiskey – this guy is aged in oak and applejack barrels. When you sip it goes right up into your nose with a hearty bouquet.  It’s a buttery whiskey with a smooth finish.

Black Dirt Bourbon – this whiskey tasted like the beginning of a mischievous night out. It was a bit peaty tasting compared to most bourbon I’m used to, but I like it. It stuck to the tongue after drinking it though not in a bad way.

I couldn’t go to Jimmy’s No. 43 and not get a beer recommendation. Jimmy’s current pick is the Three’s Brewery, Touchy Subject American IPA 6.7%.  I promise you its frickin’ delicious, and – more importantly – so does Jimmy.

There was live music the entire time on the street which flowed its way into all the bars. Everybody was in a good mood for a good cause.  The street was full of family, revelers, and New Yorkers.  Come out next time for an old school day in NYC.

If you want to donate to help the East Village community follow the link HERE.


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