Jimmy’s No. 43 is Tapping Rare Sahti Beer for NYC Beer Week

To celebrate NYC Beer Week coming to a close, Jimmy’s No. 43 is “tapping” off the week with a super special Sahti beer. In case you don’t know about Sahti, it is brewed with Juniper instead of hops with roots in Finland. Originally brewed in the 1500s and is one of the oldest O.G. style beers Western European beers to survive.  The Jimmy’s No. 43 keg was brewed in Connecticut last month by Finnish brewer Pekka Kaariainen and is the only time it has ever been made in the U.S.  A 12 oz. goblet will be available for $10 starting tonight, but hurry up though because this truly rare Sahti isn’t expected to last through the weekend.

Finnish brewer Pekka Kaariainen

Jimmy’s No 43 Details

43 E 7th St
New York, NY 10003



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