Kellie Thorn of Atlanta’s Empire State South on Cognac: “It’s Special”

For Kellie Thorn of Atlanta’s Empire State South, cognac is much more than just another spirit to sip.

“A lot of the community shines through in our cuisine and the city, it’s incorporated into the fabric of this city, including the food,” explains Thorn, a BNIC Certified Cognac Educator, who serves as Beverage Director alongside rockstar chef Hugh Acheson at Empire State South.

Atlanta, Thorn continues, “is really vibrant, really colorful. There’s this feeling of energy and youthfulness about this city. It’s really exciting.”

And the thing is, Thorn continues, “cognac pairs well with all of that. Just hanging out with a glass of cognac, you can tell right away it’s special.”

Discover how the diverse and storied spirit of cognac fits into the unique culture of Atlanta, with Bar Manager and Beverage Director Kellie Thorn of Empire State South.

Video shot by Elliot Clark | @apartment_bartender.

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