Madrid’s Salmon Guru Plans a Pop-Up at DC’s barmini

For one night and one night only, Madrid’s Salmon Guruis teaming up with barmini by José Andrés for the Spanish bar’s first-ever U.S. collaboration on Wednesday, July 24th in Washington D.C.

For those who are unfamiliar with Madrid’s Salmon Guru bar, it is a new entry on the World’s 50 Best Bars list and is owned by the renowned bartender Diego Cabrera, one of the Spanish cocktail scene’s most renowned figures. Salmon Guru is known for their use of rare and unusual botanicals and experimental cocktails. The bar has three different spaces that each give a different vibe and experience. The rooms go from the ’50s, quasi-tropical front room; to a neon-lit lounge that riffs on comics; and a back room featuring a hint of Chinese decadence, Hollywood-style.

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“We are very excited that our first foray into a bar in the US is barmini!” Salmon Guru’s Diego Cabrera tells thirsty. “They represent the best of our industry. With our shared passion to make our industry the best it can be, we are really excited to build this bridge between the two bars!”

Barmini plans on channeling the bar’s playful spirit through their selection of conversation-inspiring cocktails and participative drink making. Salmon Guru is famous for their mezcal-based Chiptole Chillón, which comes with a choice of homemade mint and ginger lemonades on the side, leaving it up to the drinker to decide the final balance of the cocktail. This interactive experience allows the guest to experiment alongside the mixologist and learn a few things on how to make a delicious cocktail.

“We’re very excited to have Salmon Guru as a guest at Barmini, as they represent Spain’s progressive cocktail bar scene,” Miguel F. Lancha, Cocktail Innovator at ThinkFoodGroup, tells thirsty. “Diego Cabrera, with his positive energy and pioneering spirit, is —albeit not born Spanish— one of Madrid’s best ambassadors. We are very honored to host one of the World’s 50 Best Bars at barmini.”

You don’t miss out on this unique experience and a chance to have a bit of Spain here in D.C! The menu will include three signature cocktails from Diego’s award-winning bar and one collaborative cocktail. Tickets are $125 and can be purchased here.

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About barmini:

barmini is José Andrés’ cocktail lab adjacent to minibar that celebrates classic cocktails alongside distinctly modern creations. barmini is DC’s premier cocktail destination. It is a learning center where chefs and bartenders collaborate and where heritage meets innovation.

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