Margaritas, Tacos Birrias, Agua Frescas: What to Eat + Drink at Tacombi Miami

Before arriving in the US, this authentic Mexican taqueria sold tacos from a Volkswagen bus —or Combi— traveling down the sandy streets of Playa del Carmen. Today, Tacombi has multiple venues in New York, and now is growing locations in Miami.  Come here for Cinco de Mayo, post-happy hour, or anytime you want great Mexican dining with live music. Tacombi cocktails are based on Mexican spirits, Tequila and Mezcal.

We recommend:

SANDIA SANTA -a refreshing mix of Tequila, Watermelon and Lime.

SPIKED HIBISCUS -tart and spicy cocktail made with Mezcal, Hibiscus and Chile Morita.

These, and classic favorites like Margaritas and the Paloma, are available by the pitcher. And, of course, cold Mexican cervezas are available by the can or a bucket of six.

Tacombi offers traditional Agua Frescas, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages made from fruit, flowers or grains, and mixed with sugar and water. Classic flavors of Watermelon, Pineapple, Jamaica (hibiscus), and Horchata -a blend of rice milk, almonds, sugar and cinnamon, are poured from huge glass jars.

Tacombi’s mission is to deliver the depth and diversity of Mexican cuisine through a variety of regional taco styles. Originating in Jalisco, we highly suggest the scrumptious Tacos de Birria.

These tacos come two per order and are made with braised beef marinated with Mexican spices, ancho and guajillo chiles, and topped with onions and cilantro.  They are served on a plancha-toasted corn tortilla – made from 100% nixatamalized corn and organic avocado oil, alongside hot beef consommé to be poured over the Tacos Birrias.

You will also find great vegetarian options and favorite bites, such as yummy guacamole con totopos, (with chips), and delish Mexican street corn (esquites) served in a paper cup.


MIAMI BEACH: 1688 Meridian Avenue


Two new locations coming to Miami include Wynwood and Brickell. There are 11 locations throughout the New York area, such as on West 33rd Street in the Empire State Building; @tacombi

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