Meet the L.A. Rum Shakers: Couples Interview Part II

What happens when you mix a dedicated group of passionate bartenders, one iconic rum brand, and a few incredible dance choreographers? The answer: Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s RUM SHAKERS presented by BACARDÍ, a physically-challenging but rewarding bartender program that’s not only resulting in some seriously impressive performances – some of the Rum Shakers have no prior dance experience –  but true bonding and connections within the bar community.

The program kicked off in Miami, is now in Los Angeles and will head to New York City next, with bartenders all over the country showing off their dance moves – and getting healthier and more fit in the process.

For the last three months, these bartenders have been coupled up and rehearsing 3 to 4 days a week in order to perfect their routine before the final show in Los Angeles on October 28th. The event will take place in LA featuring a special DJ set by Walshy Fire of Major Lazer.

We took a break with each dancer to find out their motivation behind auditioning for Rum Shakers, what they’ve learned so far, and, of course, what their go-to BACARDÍ cocktail is after a long day of Rum Shaking.

Let’s meet the first-ever Los Angeles Rum Shakers!

Isa Murphy & Tara Katchur

Hometown: San Raphael, CA + Ashtabula, OH

What inspired you to audition?

Isa: I was actually tagged in a post on Instagram and thought it would be fun to incorporate two things that I love: bartending and dancing.

Tara: My dear friend, Isa Murphy, tagged me in the Instagram post a week before and said if we were both free we should go audition. It didn’t take much!

Any previous dance experience before Rum Shakers?

Isa: I’m definitely not a professional dancer, but I’m a dance class junkie. I love various dance styles and recently dipped my toes in Tahitian dance. Aside from self-expression, I feel like dance has always been an activity that helps me feel more grounded and present in my body.

Tara: I did ballet as a kid, competitive gymnastics for 16 years, and danced with my cheer team from high school up through NCAA college. More recently, I try and take fun dance classes in LA, but I don’t have any real professional training.

How has this program changed your lifestyle?

Isa: I recently decided to embark on a health change with about 14 of my friends. We decided to collaborate on a Fitness Challenge.  We each put money in a pot and set individual fitness goals to reach by a certain deadline with pretty lengthy rules. The challenge ended and I was one of the winners! Since I didn’t know how to continue on my fitness and health journey with my busy schedule, the Rum Shakers program has allowed me to continue towards my fitness goals and now I’ve lost 10 pounds.

Tara: I’ve definitely noticed my body change and it’s motivating me to work out on the days we are not dancing. I’m also eating healthier. As a bartender, I work some pretty gnarly nights and I’ve had so much more of my day available after forcing myself to get up early to rehearse our routines.

What have you learned about yourself so far through the Rum Shakers program?

Isa: I’ve realized that Hip Hop is a dance style that does not come easily to me so I’ve felt challenged in that aspect. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone but I love that! I’ve had moments where I felt like a fish out of water, but I have learned that I have to, first and foremost, have patience with myself – even if my body doesn’t do what my mind tells it.

Tara: I’ve learned that I am a committed person. Halfway through the program, I entered a very busy season of my life, but mastering the routines and learning to perform them while continuing to make it to rehearsals is still such a priority of mine. I’m not a quitter.

What have you learned about your partner?

Isa: My dance partner and I have been friends for a number of years prior to the Rum Shakers program. I’m really learning about what makes our friendship strong. We share the same values towards dedication and goal setting when it comes to projects we take on. From day one of the program, it was a given that we would meet up outside our rehearsal schedule to practice our dance routine. She is a tenacious person, and those are the people I want to be surrounded by.

Tara:  Isa and I have been friends for years. We met as colleagues and will be life-long friends.  I never expected to be lucky enough to audition and do this program together, let alone to get her as a partner.  She achieves anything she puts her mind to. She recently lost 25 pounds, masters any dance move she struggles with, and is so career-focused. The list goes on and on. She gives it her all and truly loves to dance! While she’s hard on herself, she is actually killing it.

What 3 words would you use to describe your partner?

Isa: Committed, feisty, and a perfectionist.

Tara:  Motivated, goofy, trusting

Any personal challenges you had to overcome throughout Rum Shakers?

Isa: A challenge I’ve faced was thinking in terms of dance class vs. dance performance. I had no idea there was such a big difference, and there is! Also, my arms are way longer than I expected to have to deal with. I tend to dance in a safe box so that I don’t invade anybody’s space, which also traps my energy. I’m learning to get outside the box, embrace the fact that my arms might disturb someone, and just let go and perform. It’s a work in progress.

Tara: I was given new work opportunities outside the program that made juggling rehearsals and that was extremely difficult.

Aside from winning, what is your ultimate goal for Rum Shakers?

Isa: Aside from bartending, I am an actress. I feel like Rum Shakers has given me another tool to put into my belt of entertainment—a physical expression through the body. Being in touch with your body is so important an empowering. Rum Shakers has started me on a journey of movement!

Tara: Obviously the trips are a huge incentive. But I have been wanting to learn new dance styles in a judge-free zone and hope to continue dancing and working out 4-5 days a week even after the program ends.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Isa: I feel spoiled because I had the pleasure of having my own private choreography sessions. I love learning about the performance aspect of dance and creating an alter ego which I never had before.

Tara: Dancing and seeing the progress! Everyone’s energy is such a pleasure to be around. Also, the support to give it your all even though you may have never salsa’d in your life is amazing.

Why is BACARDÍ the right brand for Rum Shakers?

Isa: I couldn’t think of any other brand I would rather shake my “rum” for!

Tara: To be honest, I couldn’t think of another one that even makes sense. When you say rum everyone thinks BACARDÍ. BACARDÍ makes me think of Piña Colada’s, and Piña Colada’s are what I order on vacation, and vacations make me want to shake my rum. So BACARDÍ = Rum Shakers.

What is your go-to BACARDÍ cocktail? Flavor?

Isa: I have island blood in me so I have to say a blended Piña Colada.

Tara: Piña Coladas! Yum.

Social call.

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Tara: @tarakatchur


Yael Vengroff & Elliot Rodriguez

Hometown: Houston, TX + Miami, FL

What inspired you to audition?

Yael: I heard about the auditions through my friend Dan Long.

Elliot:  I finally got the courage to take a salsa class and accidentally signed up for a performance workshop class but instead of running away I embraced it and fell in love with dance. I found out about the audition two days before from a friend and decided that it was something I had to try.

Any previous dance experience before Rum Shakers?

Yael: I have been dancing the “Disco Lizard” since 1992.

Elliot: Aside from being dragged on the dance floor by my sister, my cousin for her quince, my friend for her quince, high school best friends moms, an actors movement class and the salsa performance workshop that I was performing in the Friday after the audition, no.

How has this program changed your lifestyle?

Yael: I now wonder what is next. Do I take less pole or fewer lyra classes and more salsa classes?

Elliot: I thought salsa was fun and was thinking I’d continue that but Rum Shakers opened my eyes to more styles of dance and how much fun other styles of dance are. I’d prefer dancing every day over running on a treadmill for exercise. I’ve started taking classes around LA to keep the dancing going. I’ve also started taking yoga classes to help with some injuries and flexibility to further make me more limber for dance.

What have you learned about yourself so far through the Rum Shakers program?

Yael: I have a love for rehearsal. Give me my daily rehearsals or I perish! I also have a new addiction to Bang Energy Drinks to keep me energized.

Elliot: My biggest take away came as an ah-ha moment when I realized I was transfixed on perfecting my moves and being on the count instead of letting go and grooving to the music, and trusting that the ability to practice and put in the hard work was in me. I was too in my head and not in the moment having fun – something I’m notorious for doing in other aspects of my life.

What have you learned about your partner?

Yael: The process of selecting a partner was random, yet I feel like my partner, Elliott, and I were destined to be matched together. He could not be more a more perfect person to work with!

Elliot:  I love Yael! You wanna see someone who is busy? Ask to see her calendar. Between running two bar programs – one of which was in the middle of a new menu release – traveling the world to teach, and holding educational workshops at local bars, she still manages to take dance classes outside of the Rum Shakers rehearsals, practice her pole and hoop dances, and still brings the fire to our rehearsals.

What 3 words would you use to describe your partner?

Yael: Flavor. Energy. Care.

Elliot:  Passionate. Driven. Inspirational

Any personal challenges you had to overcome throughout Rum Shakers?

Yael: I need a diet to keep up with Elliot’s weight loss! #Thinspo

Elliot: I have a few injuries from doing stunts and sports. I’ve gained weight because of it and have had poor endurance. I’ve tried hitting the gym and spending tedious amounts of time on a treadmill but that would usually flare up an injury and then I would just want to go home and not even stretch. It would make me sad because I’m an avid hiker and long hikes are my jam but tend to put me out of commission for a while. However, I am in LOVE with dance now! I burn just as many calories, if not more, from dancing and I look forward to stretching. Not only have my injuries been feeling better, I’m am also gaining flexibility. I can move better and I’ve lost weight. My motivation has skyrocketed and I’m looking forward to tackling a 12-mile hike soon. Not to mention, I’m not in my head as much as I used to be and I love it.

Aside from winning, what is your ultimate goal for Rum Shakers?

Yael: To become strong AF!

Elliot: My goal was to see if getting out of my comfort zone and trying dance would be something that I could do on a regular basis and would bring joy to my life as well as help me get in better shape. Not only do I love dancing, I also have a totally new comfort zone. My new goal is to continue finding space for dance in my life, lose the weight I’ve packed on, and become more flexible. I even have my agents excited about my newfound passion.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Yael: Two words: Zach Patterson.  And most importantly, holy s**t, our choreographer and ringleader, Alex Aleman. I hope to be her someday, but I just want to be good enough to dance next to her.

Elliot: If you couldn’t tell already it’s my new found passion for dance and the sheer joy that comes from deep down inside of me when I get to move my body in rhythm to the music. These ten wonderful weeks of meeting up with my fellow Rum Shakers, getting to know them, and the support we give to each other has been amazing. I’ve smashed through self-limiting beliefs and exceeded my expectations for what I thought I was capable of.

Why is BACARDÍ the right brand for Rum Shakers?

Yael: As a brand, BACARDÍ and the whole BACARDÍ brand create a feeling of energy. The vibes of the brand and product line-up are like a dance troupe; a dance troupe that has been loved for years and years.

Elliot: To me, BACARDÍ signifies tradition, family, and a great party. My family is from Puerto Rico and in the past when I visited, BACARDÍ has always been at family reunions, parties, and all around the island. For me, it’s nostalgic and it always reminds me of how much fun I get to have when I’m visiting family and friends. It’s the perfect brand that encompasses all of it.

What is your go-to BACARDÍ cocktail? Flavor?

Yael: Obviously BACARDÍ Dragonberry. Ya doops.

Elliot: I love a good jungle bird. You can make a tasty one with BACARDÍ Ocho and BACARDÍ Black.

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Rhachel Shawl & Damian Diaz

Hometown: Portsmouth, OH + Vallejo, CA

What inspired you to audition?

Rhachel: I have always been a big fan of musicals, and I’ve always wished that spontaneous dancing was something that occurred more in real life. I’m always impressed with people who seem to have a natural ability to dance, and I had to audition.

Damian: My business partners (Othon Nolasco and Aaron Melendez) gave me the idea to join Rum Shakers when they heard about the program. I’m always dancing and two-stepping around the office and any bar event I’m working so it made sense for me to join.

Any previous dance experience before Rum Shakers?

Rhachel: In accordance with Midwest law, all white females must be in at least 3 productions of the Nutcracker.

Damian: The only other previous dance experience prior to Rum Shakers for me was dancing at family weddings and quinceñeras, and I’ve always loved to dance to the beat of my own drum.

How has this program changed your lifestyle?

Rhachel: When I first started the program I was very inactive and had severe plantar fasciitis. The pain was so bad that I had changed the gait of my walk to a kind of shuffle. I walked downstairs sideways to avoid pain. The first few weeks were hard but now that I have actually started being active, my feet don’t hurt at all. I’m walking normally again. I have more energy; I’m feeling better overall. It’s been a real blessing.

Damian: I get up a lot earlier now and eat a lot better as a result of joining. Mornings aren’t that bad anymore and my body is also more limber and flexible. I just turned 34 so I’m trying to keep feeling young.

What have you learned about yourself so far through the Rum Shakers program?

Rhachel: When I am physically active I really do feel better. I know that is sort of a “no s**t, Sherlock!” kind of statement but as I get older I think that it’s something that I have to constantly remind myself. Self-care is a real hot topic these days and when I have been healthy in my past, I seem to have put it aside in order to take care of others. I realize that I need to take care of myself before I can take care of those I love.

Damian: I’ve learned that I can pick up on choreography fairly well and find my own groove to the tunes they throw at us. I have a newfound respect for dancers and choreographers alike. Much respect!

What have you learned about your partner?

Rhachel: Damian has an unbridled optimism that I haven’t had since I was six. He is genuinely excited for us to win. He is so self-assured, it’s started to rub off on me. I may still be nervous but I’m also excited.

Damian: I’ve learned that Rhachel likes to push herself and get out of her own comfort zone and I admire that because I’m the same way. We must always push ourselves to reach new horizons and she is no exception.

What 3 words would you use to describe your partner?

Rhachel: Optimistic. Encouraging. Thoughtful.

Damian: Quick-learner. Reliable. Easy-to-work-with.

Any personal challenges you had to overcome throughout Rum Shakers?

Rhachel: I have a very hard time looking at myself in the mirror. I get very judgmental and it gets in the way of me actually dancing.

Damian: Getting up early was tough in the beginning due to our bartending schedules, but you learn to get over it, get your blood flowing and get down to business. I always feel a lot better after, too.

Aside from winning, what is your ultimate goal for Rum Shakers?

Rhachel: To continue to dance and find other ways to keep fit without sitting on an indoor cycling bike that doesn’t go anywhere, and being yelled at or cheered on by a dead-eyed skinny person, or running without being chased.

Damian: Aside from winning the whole thing I want to keep dance and exercise part of my daily routine. Sweating and getting your body in motion makes you look and feel great. Going back to Puerto Rico is also a huge plus. I fell in love with traveling when I went years ago as a kid, but this time I’m looking forward to exploring and seeing the distillery up close and personal.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Rhachel: The group practices. They’ve been really fun!

Damian: My favorite part of this program is meeting people in the same industry and having everyone be equally as vulnerable in front of one another. We become more and more cohesive as a group with each rehearsal. Everyone is really supportive and we feed off one another’s energy. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve evolved in such a small amount of time.

Why is BACARDÍ the right brand for Rum Shakers?

Rhachel: BACARDÍ is all about La Familia. The bar community is a family, albeit sometimes a dysfunctional one. Our way of connecting isn’t always in the best interest of our health and welfare, yet Rum Shakers is the perfect opportunity to spend time with our bar family without drinking in excess.

Damian: BACARDÍ has always been fun and progressive which is why Rum Shakers is the perfect program for the brand. It’s globally recognized and to have this program go global one day would be amazing to see unfold.

What is your go-to BACARDÍ cocktail? Flavor?

Rhachel: A classic daiquiri is my go-to. It’s simple, bright, and delicious. No question.

Damian: My go-to BACARDÍ Rum Cocktail is a BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez with Mexican Coke in the tallest glass I can find; finished with a whole juiced key lime, crushed ice and a pinch of salt. Delicious!

Social call.

Rhachel: @mydrunkunicorn

Damian: @mr_diaz

Ryan Hooks & Zach Patterson

Hometown: Mansfield, OH + Bend, OR

What inspired you to audition?

Ryan: To be honest, I didn’t even know what Rum Shakers was. I saw a flyer for an event and thought “Oh cool an event on a Monday in the day time. I am going to go see some friends and have a cocktail.” When I saw the address on it, I thought it was the address for a bar in Hollywood. When I got there I realized I was mistaken. But Dan Long convinced me to stick around. I was actually terribly dressed for a dance class as well, but I went for it, because why not!

Zach: This was honestly the first thing in a year that has made me anxious and a bit nervous – in a good way.  I have danced for fun for years, sometimes several nights a week. And in all that time I have found that I can be a pretty darn good dancer. But choreographed dance is SO different, I didn’t know how to do it. I had never in all my life been in this situation before. So this was a nerve-racking and exciting experiment for me. This got me out of my comfort zone. And that is something very hard to do! So thank you BACARDÍ and Rum Shakers!

Any previous dance experience before Rum Shakers?

Ryan: Like many stories, this one starts with a girl. When I was in high school I was dating a girl who was a dancer and choreographing her senior piece. She convinced me to be part of the number. We did a sweet lift and everything. After that, I took a few classes at the same studio for college electives. While there I performed in drag to Madonna’s “Vogue” for a fundraiser. Maybe the people should have got their money back! But beyond that, just grooving behind the bar on the weekends.

Zach: I’ve been a weekend warrior freestyle bar dancer for almost a decade. I’ve been dancing bartop to bartop in LA since 2007. But if you mean scripted dance….not once. Not ever.

How has this program changed your lifestyle?

Ryan: More than anything it’s giving me a reason to be more active. To go out and sweat. I always look forward to seeing my fellow Rum Shakers.

Zach: I’ve gone from sleeping 6-7 hours a night to sleeping 4-6 on dance practice nights. But in all seriousness, it has given me something that 1-2 hours a day (depending on how long practice is), I get to not think about work and focus on dance. It’s been a great mental break for me.

What have you learned about yourself so far through the Rum Shakers program?

Ryan: Probably how terribly out of shape I am. Dancing is hard work! After the audition day I was so sore and it hurt to move for 3 days.

Zach: I have learned that, like Derek Zoolander, I am not an ambi-turner. My dance moves turning left are way more difficult than turning right. And the counts are going to be the death of me. I have to work harder than anyone to hear the counts in the music. Rich even said he loves watching my face as I’m thinking about the counts.

What have you learned about your partner?

Ryan: Like me, Zach will do anything to win. “The crazier the better” has been our running joke since I had no idea what this was before auditions.  Zach’s dedication to winning and my Rum Shakers audition craziness means as partners we are going to win. Zach and I are ready to win!

Zach: Ryan is punctual and reliable and he always brings the props and pads. I never want to let him down so when he asks me to do something, I make sure I follow through with it.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your partner?

Ryan: Eccentric. Creative. Busy.

Zach: Reliable, Positive, and a beautiful ham sandwich in the dance studio!

Any personal challenges you have had to overcome throughout Rum Shakers?

Ryan: Well, I already have a terrible and broken sleep schedule from working some nights late and not others. But adding morning rehearsals has forced me to try and grab sleep whenever I can.

Zach: Yeah, I don’t know dance step counts. I don’t fully understand them and I’ve never had to listen for them before. Turns out, that is pretty darn important in dance.

Aside from winning, what is your ultimate goal for Rum Shakers?

Ryan: I just wanted to meet some cool people to hang out with, so I have reached that goal.

Zach: We all won by making it past the auditions. That was my goal. Since then my goal has been to learn to count beats. I’m still working on it 2 months later and have a long way to go. But I don’t plan on stopping when this competition stops. This is when my semi-pro dance life takes off!

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Ryan: Definitely learning some new moves to let loose while I am behind the bar. My coworkers say I am the best dancer in town, but they may just be lying.

Zach: I love starting all my conversation with suppliers, bartenders, or guests lately with “when I was at our Rum Shakers dance class this morning,”  “oh that must of happened while I was at dance class” or “I think I’ll be in Puerto Rico with my dance troop.”

Why is BACARDÍ the right brand for Rum Shaker?

Ryan: Wait, there are other rum brands? BACARDÍ is the ultimate name in rum and rum is rhythm, motion, music and dance. BACARDÍ and Rum Shakers are a perfect match.

Zach: Because BACARDÍ is always striving to think outside of the box. They are constantly embarking on creative ideas and finding ways to promote health, wellness and longevity in this industry, not to mention finding a way to build community within the bar world. They have the connections and drive to take a fun idea and give it wings and I know they will literally build a dance community within our industry from this event. I do not see Rum Shakers being an event that stops within the next couple of decades. This event is here to stay!

What is your go-to BACARDÍ cocktail or flavor?

Ryan: I just want to sip on a Facundo Eximo with a big cube of ice and a Cigar. But I do also love a Hotel Nacional.

Zach: A BACARDÍ 1909 Mojito.

Social call.

Ryan: @theryanhooks

Zach: @imbibelife


Sophia Oolie & Katalina De La Rosa

Hometown: Los Angeles + Los Angeles (!)

What inspired you to audition?

Sophia:  I’ve always loved to dance so when I saw the ad on Instagram, I was very intrigued. My roommate is a St Germain rep and I’m fortunate to know Jaymee Mandeville and they both gave me some words of encouragement that inspired me to audition.

Katalina: I really like to dance, but I’ve never actually taken a hip-hop class like this. I have to say it’s quite a challenge. I also knew that if I auditioned for this and was picked to be a part of this experience the memories and friendships I would build would last a lifetime.

Any previous dance experience before Rum Shakers?

Sophia:  I took ballet when I was little, which led me to take jazz and modern in high school. When I was 20 I got really into hip-hop and started taking lessons at a local dance studio in Santa Monica. I fell in love with hip-hop and took dance classes off and on for 10 years or so.

Katalina: None. I’m definitely learning a lot about myself.  There are times where I know the movements but my body will not cooperate. It’s very frustrating but challenging in a good way.

How has this program changed your lifestyle?

Sophia: Before Rum Shakers, it had been about 2 years or so since I had taken a dance class. I didn’t realize how much I love it and how much it kept me in a healthy exercise routine. This program has definitely re-awakened my love for dance. I will most definitely keep dancing after Rum Shakers. It has also inspired me to cook more and get on a healthy eating track.

Katalina: It’s caused frustration but also, it’s gotten me to be more active. It’s allowed me to learn more about myself.

What have you learned about yourself so far through the Rum Shakers program?

Sophia:  I’ve learned that its never too late to go after what you want and to keep pushing yourself even if it’s not easy. I learned that I sell myself short a lot and that I am capable of a lot more than I think.

Katalina: It’s allowed me to realize that although I liked dancing while out with friends, learning a routine is very different and challenging. It definitely takes me a little longer to learn things.

What have you learned about your partner?

Sophia: I’ve learned a lot about my partner. I learned that we are actually a lot alike both physically and with our personalities. I learned my partner is a hard-working badass woman who is also from LA. Katalina is passionate but also one of the biggest sweethearts I’ve ever met. I learned sometimes it takes her a little longer to learn the moves but when she does – my gawd – girl can move. We both love the industry we’re in and, as women in a male-dominated field, we have both had to overcome the same obstacles to be taken seriously. I’ve learned I have the best partner a girl could ask for.

Katalina: That she is a hard worker and she is also a DJ.

What 3 words would you use to describe your partner?

Sophia: Passionate, Strong, Laughter

Katalina:  Sweet. Accommodating. Confident.

Any personal challenges you had to overcome throughout Rum Shakers?

Sophia: Part of my goal for myself was to get more focused on creating healthy habits so that I can lose some weight. My weight has always been something I’ve struggled with since elementary school. Seeing a lot of the other girls who are great shape used to make me insecure, but through this program, I’ve worked to overcome that insecurity and push past it so that I can focus on myself.

Katalina:  My personal challenge has been to keep up with all these amazing people known as the Rum Shakers. At times I feel like I don’t get the steps like everyone else but that just means I need to practice more, which is okay.

Aside from winning, what is your ultimate goal for Rum Shakers?

Sophia:  To form connections with all the amazing humans and to get back into dancing. I’d love to even continue to support these choreographers and take their classes. Some of the choreographers have been so beyond amazing and have really inspired me in many ways.

Katalina: Aside from winning, I want to come out of this challenge knowing I did my best. My frustration for not feeling like this is “natural” to me gets me down but the fact that I won’t give up is a personal goal of mine.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Sophia: Favorite part? I love it ALL. I really could go on and on about why I love every part of Rum Shakers but if I had to choose, it would be the group rehearsals for the opening number. It’s the time where we all get to be together as a group and are held accountable as a group. If one person is late, it affects the group. When we all get the formation as a whole it feels liberating; there really aren’t many feelings like that in life. There’s always laughing but then back to focusing. Time doesn’t exist when we are all working together. I will truly miss that the most.

Katalina: My favorite part is walking into a room of people that were once strangers and having an amazing time.

Why is BACARDÍ the right brand for Rum Shakers?

Sophia:  The vibe just fits so well. I couldn’t imagine any other brand doing this. BACARDÍ is professional but fun – just like Rum Shakers.

Katalina:  If you look at BACARDÍ’s history where it originated from – Cuba – you naturally think of dance, rhythm, and having a good time. Plus, it makes a killer daiquiri.

What is your go-to BACARDÍ cocktail? Flavor?

Sophia: I’d say a classic daiquiri with any of their rums or a Chet Baker with their 8-year Gran Reserva. Chet Baker is a Milk & Honey cocktail created by Sam Ross, with aged rum, sweet vermouth, honey and bitters and an orange twist.

Katalina: Daiquiris are my favorite, but I also love tiki cocktails

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Katalina: @thekatalinawinemxr


Stay tuned for updates on the Rum Shakers journey. For more information on the Rum Shakers Bartender Dance Competition, click here.

All Rum Shakers Photography by Eugene Lee.

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