Miami Vices: The Miami Traditional Cocktails to Try on Your Next Trip

Summer may be over, but Miami’s sun doesn’t stop shining. New York City, ‘the city that never sleeps’ is a great place for nightlife, but so is the sunshine city. With gorgeous beaches and tropical bars, you won’t want to miss cocktail-sipping this upcoming summer.

Miami may be known for the spring-break crowd, and anyone who wants a beach or a party vacation, but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be crazy. Miami’s bars and bartenders certainly know how to mix it up when it comes to the drinks in the hot season, even for the more chilled-out patrons. Miami is also home to many great places to just hang out and grab a nice cocktail without the party crowd.

Greater Miami and the Miami Beach area had over 26 million tourists in 2022, and every one of them were looking for different experiences while on their vacation. Of course, partying is a main activity for some in the city, but many others want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, such as a night at the casino.

With the influx of online casinos, you can enjoy the night at the casino while also being able to enjoy some of Miami’s amazing cocktails.  Online users do not have to travel to the casinos or miss out on some of the amazing places in Miami. Online casinos also provide patrons with greater variety in their gaming experiences with many online casino slot games and table games.

Regardless on how you prefer to spend your vacation, Miami has plenty of neighborhoods for great drinks: South Beach, Downtown Miami, or Little Havana.

Here are some classic Miami cocktails you must try while vacationing in Miami.

Miami Vice

Perhaps a Miami Vice cocktail is the obvious go-to for a visit to the city, but it is still an essential taste test you need to conduct on a trip to Miami.  And no, the drink is not named after the popular cop show of the 80s of the same name, it has its own origin!

This delicious fruity cocktail is made up of a strawberry daiquiri, and a pina colada. The cocktail is served all over the city, but rumor has it the best Miami Vice, frozen or not, is served at Clevelander South Beach Club & Restaurant which you can have it straight from the frozen drink machine for as little as $17. Or, if you’re really brave, you can upgrade to a mega-sized one for $40. Will Smith was right when he said “South Beach, bringing the heat!” if you ask us.

Golden Dream

The Golden Dream is a more niche cocktail but is a delicious after-dinner beverage. The drink is made up of Cointreau and Galliano. It originated in none other than the Old King Bar, mixed and made by bartender, Raimundo Alvarez in the 60s. As Florida produces an infinite amount of orange juice each year, it’s fitting this after-dinner treat includes orange juice. It is served in a few places in the city, as the Floridians are very proud of their traditions. Unfortunately, the original bar where the drink was concocted is no longer open, but the tradition has still been kept alive.

Miami Spice

Yes, we know it sounds like our favorite original, the Miami Vice cocktail. But trust us, it’s not. The Miami Spice is a rum-based cocktail that can be altered, but it mostly consists of citrus flavors with orange juice, pineapple or papaya juice. It’s not known where in Miami this cocktail originated, but for some orangey and citrusy goodness, we definitely think it is worth exploring to find out.

Miami Beach

Of course, inspired by the gorgeous blue beach of the city, the Miami Beach cocktail is essential to the waterfront city. The vermouth-based cocktail is not as common as you’d think, but it combines vermouth, Scotch Whiskey, and grapefruit juice, one of Florida’s home-grown fruits. The recipe for the cocktail tends to vary, but it is certainly easy to make at home with few ingredients if you like a minimal cocktail. This beach-based cocktail recipe is perfect for a no-nonsense quick drink for a night in, out in the city, or wherever you are in the world!

Miami Iced Tea

A Miami Iced Tea cocktail is big in the city for two reasons: because of the ice, and the juice. Miami residents are big fans of their iced drinks and their coffee, but not as big a fans as they are of naming cocktails after their own city!

This cocktail plays on the mixing of spirits that are common in the infamous Long Island Ice Tea. Blending gin, vodka, rum, peach schnapps cranberry juice, and some kind of lemonade or soda, and viola!

The Miami Iced Teal doesn’t have any specific purpose or special story behind its origin, but boy, is it worth trying. This cocktail is usually a delicious fruity orange or red, just make sure you look at the pictures and measurements before mixing those spirits!

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