Milagro Mixing With Mexico Tour Presents Bootlegger, Handshake, Kaito & Café De Nadie

Get ready for Milagro Mixing with Mexico to bring some of Mexico’s leading bars to a city near you in 2023!  Milagro Tequila was born out of the brightness, vibrancy, and optimism of modern Mexico City. A cultural Mecca, famous for its art & gastronomy (and tequila), it has recently ascended to one of the world’s greatest cocktail cities with a new generation of bartenders redefining cocktail culture as something distinctly Mexican. From old-school pulquerias to world-renowned bars, Mexico City has it all.

In 2023, Milagro Tequila is on a mission to spotlight this city’s incredibly diversity & the people behind its burgeoning mixology movement. Inspired by the brand’s urban roots Mixing with Mexico will collide cocktails & culture, bringing industry leading bars from Mexico to the United States for a series of one of a kind guest bartending experiences. “Mixing with Mexico is very much passion project for me” explains Luis Lopez, Milagro West Coast Brand Ambassador. “Growing up in Los Angeles with Guatemalan roots, I’ve always held a unique personal perspective on Latin culture, the people, the food, the cocktails. Through this program I’m delighted to be bringing a taste of the regions unique character to partner bars around the country.”

The tour features a talented roster of Mexico’s best bars including Bootlegger, Handshake, Kaito and Café De Nadie. The series kicks off in Miami on May 15th with Higher Ground hosting Bootlegger before takeovers in L.A. (July 17 th ), New York & Austin to follow later in the year.

The takeovers will bring to life each partner bar’s unique aesthetic and menu showcasing why they are on the cutting edge of cocktail culture. Expect world-class bartenders, delicious cocktails, Mexican street food and for Milagro to bring the “Brighter Side of Tequila” energy to the party!


Milagro Mixing With Mexico Tour Schedule

Bootlegger x Higher Ground in Miami

When: Monday May 15th from 7PM – 12AM
Where: Higher Ground
2217 NW Miami Ct., Miami, FL 33127

Puebla Mexico first speakeasy inspired by tiki. You walk into an Irish bar (confused) you are guided to a secret entrance upstairs. The setting and the vibes are just right. With amazing cocktails and music that is sure to get you moving.

Handshake x Nativo in Los Angeles

When: Monday July 17 th
Where: Nativo
5137 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Intimate art deco speakeasy at the forefront of the CDMX cocktail scene. Helmed by renowned Dutch bartender Eric Van Beek, the staff pour drinks that are as sophisticated as they are fun.

Kaito x Katana Kitten in New York City

When: October (date TBC)

Izakaya offering an immersive taste of Japan via an inventive cocktail list and small-plate menu, all served in a cool, modern and decidedly Japanese setting in the heart of Mexico City.

Café De Nadie x Whislers (TBC)

When: October (date TBC)

A heavy music influence with some 1,500 vinyl albums line the walls. On the menu, original drinks are each inspired by song.

Stay tuned for more information visit and follow Milagro on Instagram @milagrotequila

Please enjoy Milagro responsibly. Milagro Tequila, 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof) ©2020 William Grant & Sons, Inc. New York, NY.


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