How Mobile Use is Driving the Wine Industry

Wine and Mobile Casino Apps are on the Rise: exploring the popularity and increasing use of new wine apps for selecting and buying wine, as well as mobile casino apps.

Smartphones and tablets, like the best drawing tablets, are increasingly commonplace and help make day-to-day life easier.

Devices can even be used now as a way to place bets on Diamond Jackpots with no hassle and just by staying wherever you are. With new apps and functionality being developed, they are also great ways to enjoy the little luxuries of life, from selecting, buying, and reviewing wine to playing at mobile online casinos.

Mobile Casinos vs Wine Apps – Why the Comparison?

Whether you’re cruising through the wine country of Newberg, sampling bold reds and Pinot Blancs, or exploring California’s Sonoma and Napa Valleys, pleasure trips enlivened by wine are often accompanied by the thrill of land-based casinos. Online gambling is an even more convenient alternative, as no detours are required. One of the benefits on offer is free bets for new players, which means you can get started without spending a penny out of your wallet. Or you can visit mobile casinos from the comfort of home with your favorite red in one hand and your phone in the other. Fans of online slots and classic table games, or those curious to try, can peruse this great list of highly-rated mobile casino sites to get started with some of the best places to gamble online. A little excitement is good for you, and a good glass of wine is the perfect companion as you’re guided to the finest online betting sites for the most thrilling of games.

Players keen on iPhone and Android casinos can enjoy the same welcome bonuses and great games as those accessing by ye olde desktop, as modern games are designed to be integrated with mobile platforms right from the start. Plus mobile casino apps offer seamless navigation and even more convenience.

Figures indicate more than three-quarters of Americans have smartphones, with some European nations such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom having even higher uptake rates. For these countries and many more, mobile casino apps provide all the benefits of using a desktop, with the added bonus of being able to play whilst out and about.

Wine Apps

Human beings have loved wine for as long as civilization has existed (and possibly even earlier than that). But despite the ancient habit of oenophiles, the industry is not afraid to embrace new technology, whether it was the enhanced bottles of centuries ago that enabled the creation of bubbly champagne or the smartphone apps of the modern world.

Buying wine has always been a bit tricky for those not au fait with the finer points of terroir, or which type complements different dishes. Beyond the flavor, there’s also the potential for either looking like a cheapskate or spending a fortune unnecessarily. Now apps have been developed to help people sort through a confusing wine list and select the right wine for their dish, and wallet.

Whilst the vast majority of people still shop in person for wine, new businesses such as Drizly are springing up to facilitate and encourage online, app-based purchases instead. Purchases and revenue deriving from apps are increasing strongly, and in 2019 Instacart added wine (and other alcoholic beverages) to the groceries it offers for delivery. Since then the firm has agreed to partnerships with dozens of major retailers and now delivers alcohol in 22 states.

And wine isn’t the only area that’s seeing a surge in helpful apps. As mentioned above, there are plenty that cater to mobile casinos, enabling maximum convenience for playing on the go. Even better are the live dealer options that offer the best of both worlds, combining ease of access with a real atmosphere. Naturally, you can enhance the experience yet more with these great cocktails to create a classic casino vibe at home.

The growth numbers for wine apps speak for themselves, with Drizly’s staff rising fortyfold in eight years, and plans for an extra 33% in 2020 alone. Importantly, mobile app purchases account for seven out of 10 of the firm’s sales, with the rest coming from tablets and desktops, emphasizing the convenience and popularity of smartphones.

It’s also good to know that wine apps come in a variety of forms. As well as straight-up buying wine, there are some great wine apps that provide you with recommendations or allow you to leave your own thoughts and a review (likewise enabling you to learn from reading the views of other people). If you’re especially well to do there’s even an app to help you manage your own wine cellar.

Amongst the top apps for oenophiles is Delectable, a free piece of software for iOS and Android. Think Instagram meets wine, with ratings and reviews to help guide you to the perfect tipple. If you’re on a budget, try Wine Searcher. This free app compares prices from tens of thousands of retailers so you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

CellarTracker keeps track of the wine you’ve bought and helpfully compiles a list in the order in which they ought to be drunk. There are also tasting notes from the community and top critics too.

LA vintners have been making full use of the technological steps forward to help keep Angelenos jolly, adapting their businesses to take a more online approach. This is partly fuelled by the pandemic lockdown but was a trend that was occurring in the industry beforehand too. Los Angeles and its environs were the birthplace of Californian wine, a sector that’s been going for centuries. To help maintain businesses and keep people’s spirits up during the pandemic, various wine merchants have enabled online payment for wine, as well as free delivery in the local area, and other special deals such as discounts or online Zoom tastings.

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