Montana’s Trail House in Bushwick to Shutter

Bushwick’s beloved bar and restaurant, Montana’s Trail House will be serving its very last Switchel on December 17, thirsty has learned. However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as it will be reincarnated as a new (yet to be named) concept with the team from Strange Flavor Burger Shack.

While we will be sad to see it go, we will hold our memories dear and are excited to see what the fine folks from Montana’s have in store for our Bushwick thirsty adventures.

And the feeling is mutual.

In an email received by thirsty, Austin Hartmann, writes:

“Montana’s Trail House fucking loves you.

Hartman continues:

“Within the near-four-years of being open, we could not be more honored or humbled to have served the most amazing individuals of our Bushwick community and all those that traveled to it. We have had the utmost pleasure to grow as people, a business and family alongside you and our amazing and talented crew.”

“First and foremost, we hoped to create an environment where our staff felt the freedom to creatively express themselves through the food, drink, hospitality and radical human interactions. Equally with regard to all the customers that’ve come through our doors. Therefore, we feel with an unmistakable certainty that we’ve achieved these goals.”

“However, in order to keep the sustainability and longevity of our business alive and vibrant, we must embrace and celebrate change! It is now we announce the Trail House, as you currently know it, will be closing its doors on Sunday, December 17th, 2017. But, like a glorious phoenix from its ashes – the space shall be born anew. In January, we will transform into something new with food provided by the radical humans of Strange Flavor.”

“It has been with the utmost honor to have spent these past few years creating a working relationship that we’ve seen turn into friendship. I’m writing you this to inform you we’re not going away – just changing things up. And most importantly continuing working with you.”

“Personally, I’ll remain a partner and absolute supporter of our reinvigorated space. I will focus the next couple months facilitating the transfer of day-to-day duties, systems and introductions to our new and awesome general manager. Following that, I can’t wait to see where I end up and work with you more frequently again!

But until the 17th… please, come enjoy the food, drinks, good freakin’ vibes and party we’ve been proudly offering.”

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