The Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Students

Drinking alcohol may seem like an essential part of the student experience but more students today are aware of the unhealthy consequences of drinking too much alcohol. If you’re a student and you don’t want to spend most of your time with a hangover, you can opt to drink non-alcoholic drinks and have just as much fun. Some popular non-alcohol drinks such as Shirley Temple’s, Lime & Mint Sodas, Virgin Blood Mary’s and Virgin Manhattans go down very well when drinking with friends.

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Shirley Temple

A Shirley Temple is a delicious, non-alcoholic, bubbly mixed drink. The traditional way to make it is to use ginger ale with a splash of grenadine (cherry syrup) and garnish it with a maraschino cherry. It looks fancy, tastes sweet, and goes down very easily.

Modern Shirley Temple recipes usually have some variations on the old classic, such as substituting ginger ale with lemon-lime soda or orange juice. If you use lemon-lime soda and add the juice of one lime, it gives the drink a kick and cuts the sweetness of the syrup. Fill a glass with ice, pour in the soda and lime juice, and top it off with the grenadine and a cherry for a lovely, refreshing sweet drink.

Lime & Mint Soda

Order a lime and mint soda at a bar and most barmen can easily make this drink as they
usually already have all the ingredients to make mojitos. This drink is a less sweet
alternative to the Shirley Temple and consists of freshly chopped mint leaves, limes, lime
cordial, club soda and ice cubes. It is exactly like a mojito but without sugar and white rum.
It is great for sipping and you won’t regret not drinking the rum when you wake up with a
clear head the next day.

Virgin Bloody Mary

A Virgin Bloody Mary will give you the flavor of an alcoholic Bloody Mary. You still get the spicy flavor but you won’t be drinking any vodka. It’s a popular brunch cocktail and you can have a large pitcher available for a weekend brunch with your friends. All you need to do to make it is to combine tomato juice, lemon juice, pickle juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, hot sauce, celery seed and cayenne. Part of the fun of a Virgin Bloody Mary is all the interesting garnishes you can use – celery stalks, bacon, lime wedges, green olives etc.

Virgin Manhattan

Drinking too much of some popular college party drinks will really make you drunk. A Manhattan that consists of Angostura Bitters, Sweet Vermouth, Bourbon, and maraschino cherries is fancy, tasty and potent. College students can come up with some weird alcoholic drinks with a strange mixture of ingredients, such as vodka, beer and southern comfort or beer, lemon and vodka. Try a Manhattan without the alcohol by mixing Angostura bitters, non-alcoholic wine, unsweetened apple juice and vanilla extract. It will closely mimic this popular alcoholic drink. The bitters add complexity and the vanilla takes the place of the Bourbon. The non-alcoholic wine and apple juice replace the Sweet Vermouth. Mix it, stir, strain and you’re done. The taste is slightly bitter and potent and you won’t miss the alcohol.

Iced Tea

A fancy tea can also make a good alternative to an alcoholic drink. So many varieties of tea are available today and iced tea can be very refreshing. An Arnold Palmer is a classic mix of half lemonade and half iced tea. You can alter the proportions depending on how sweet you like your drink.

There are endless options of non-alcoholic drinks to try out if you want to stay off alcohol. In many cases, you can simply ask the barman to leave out the alcohol and drink your Virgin Bloody Mary, Daquiri, Mojit0 or Manhattan with as much enjoyment and none of the ill-effects. Even a glass of freshly squeezed juice and some ice can be a delicious drink when you’re out with friends.

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