Calling All Bartenders To Enter The Mount Gay Rum: More Taste, Less Waste Cocktail Competition

Attention all U.S. based bartenders, if you love rum and have a sincere passion for reducing waste through sustainable practices in your approach to cocktails, then we want you to enter the Mount Gay Rum: More Taste, Less Waste Cocktail Competition.  We have teamed up with Mount Gay Rum host a cocktail competition aimed to make a lasting impact on beverage programs and innovation in cocktail creation. Your sustainable cocktail concept could win you a $5,000 cash prize along with a personal, one-on-one mentorship session with Mount Gay Rum’s Master Blender, Trudiann Branker.

Mount Gay Rum has a deep connection to their home island of Barbados and intrinsic respect for its heritage, terroir and people.  Because of this profound relationship, conserving the oceans and the ecosystems that depend on them is vital and a mission Mount Gay believes that is crucially important that their company supports conservation initiatives. To honor their commitment, Mount Gay Rum is launching the More Taste, Less Waste cocktail competition aims to empowers bartenders to “Think Sustainably, Drink Sustainably.”  In addition to submitting cocktail recipes that are creative, delicious, and sustainable – we are challenging bartenders to submit recipes with sustainability practices that can be easily implemented in their bars in order to create a meaningful, long term impact.

More Taste, Less Waste Cocktail Competition

The competition is a evolution of 2019’s Taste of Summer cocktail competition with Mount Gay Rum which was won by Taylor Adorno of New York City. We spoke to last year’s winner, Taylor Adorno, about her win, “Taste of Summer was the very first cocktail competition I had ever been apart of. I’ve been bartending for almost 10 years and never found a competition where I really felt connected to the message behind it until I heard about Mount Gay’s Taste of Summer. Contributing to the education and application of no waste bartending is really what I felt was the prize. Creating awareness of the social pivot we must all take part in to imbibe without adding harm to the planet was really the competitions ethos. One with which I took with me when behind the bar or R&Ding for menu flips. I even began to integrate it into my daily life. Taste of Summer changed my life and I encourage bartenders of all stages in their career to apply and put yourself out there, because you never know you may be the national champion everyone knew you had inside of you.”

The More Taste, Less Waste competition will include 4 stages:

  1. Digital submission must be entered through website portal HERE
  2. Contestants will have their recipes crafted & recreated by a team of in-house mixologists
  3. Six (6) Regional finalists will be chosen to represent their home city of employment
  4. Each will be asked to host a 15-minute Instagram Live with Collectif 1806 to make their cocktail submission, educate the judges & Instagram Live viewers on their cocktail and the knowledge of the brand.

If you have specific questions about the competition, please email us at 

For more information on Mount Gay Rum, check out and on instagram @mountgayrumus

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