8 Mulled Wine Drinks to Keep You Warm This Winter in NYC

When the temperatures start dropping and the days get shorter and shorter (thanks, daylight savings), there is nothing like a cup of Mulled Wine to make things better. This concoction – generally made with red wine and mulling spices – has been around since the 2nd century, and it just keeps getting better. Check out these 8 Mulled Wine drinks to try this winter in NYC.

Mulled Malbec at Balvanera

Mulled Malbec at Balvaner

Take the winter edge off with the Mulled Malbec at Balvanera on the Lower East Side. Made with Malbec, peeled oranges, sugar, honey, white cloves, cinnamon, aguaribay (pink peppercorn), nutmeg and star anise, this drink will have you forgetting the chill in no time. Bonus: it’s served with a side of dried apricots and roasted almonds! 152 Stanton St, 212-533-3348, www.balvaneranyc.com

Spiced Cider at Seabird

Port Mulled Wine at Seabird

The Spiced Cider at Seabird steps things up a notch: it’s made with Cardamaro wine (a Moscato-based aperitif wine) along with cider, and then spiced with star anise, cinnamon and orange. A sweet and delicious winter treat. 361 6th Ave, 212-414-9500, @seabirdny

Mull It Over at Fish Bar

Mull It Over at Fish Bar

The Mull It Over at Fish Bar is what mulled wine dreams are made of. It’s a classic combination of Cavalier Cabernet Sauvignon, hot water, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, agave, clove and cinnamon, served in a wine glass and guaranteed to take away the winter blues. Pier 81, W. 41st St at Hudson River, www.northriverfishbar.com, @nrfishbar

Mulled Wine at The Penrose

Mulled Wine at The Penrose

If you need a winter pick-me-up, head to The Penrose and check out the Mulled Wine cocktail, concocted by Pete Vasconcellos and featuring red wine, Punt e Mes vermouth, sugar, orange and lemon peel, black cardamom, cinnamon, cranberries, star anise and allspice berries, served hot in a Thermos. Not only is it bursting with flavor, it’ll give you nice buzz, too. 1590 Second Ave., 212-203-2751, wwwpenrosebar.com, @penrosebar

Glögg at Aquavit

Glögg at Aquavit

Just in time for holiday drinking, Aquavit is serving a delicious and boozy glögg, made with wine, spices, raisins, orange peel, bourbon and a special none: vodka! Available now through Christmas, the glögg 65 East 55th Street, 212-307-7311, www.aquavit.org, @aquavitnyc

Smoking Reverend at Dutch Fred’s

Smoking Reverend at Dutch Fred's

The Smoking Reverend at Dutch Fred’s pays homage to the Smoking Bishop, Smoking Archbishop and the Smoking Pope, all types of old school mulled wine drinks. Here, bartender Francesco Dionese uses Elijah Craig whiskey, Antica Formula and spiced red wine reduction, stirred over ice and served in a chilled glass. 307 W. 47th St., 646-918-6923, www.dutchfreds.com, @dutchfreds

Mulled Wine at The Ribbon

Mulled Wine at The Ribbon

The Ribbon gets in on the mulled wine season action with their own version, made with red wine, raisin-infused bourbon (yum), mulled spices including allspice, clove, cinnamon, orange, zest, pomegranate molasses and honey, served hot with a cinnamon stick, natch. 20 W. 72nd St., 212-787-5656, www.theribbonnyc.com, @theribbonnyc

Sleep No More at The Lodge at Gallow Green

Sleep No More Winter at the Lodge at The McKittrick Hotel

The Sleep No More cocktail at The Lodge at Gallow Green – a favorite winter hangout – is the perfect antidote to that winter chill. Made with a homemade shrub of mixed berries, five spice blend, cane sugar, sherry vinegar and water, the cocktail blends that mixture with Amaro Ciociaro, brandy (you can use whiskey if you prefer) and red wine, served in a glass with an orange peel, cinnamon stick and star anise garnish. 542 West 27th St., 212-564-1662, www.mckittrickhotel.com, @TheMcKittrick





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