Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day at Some of the Best Spots in NYC

As we celebrate National Hot Cocoa Day on January 31st, we give lovingly thanks to the magically heart-warming decadence of a proper Hot Chocolate. There are few delights in the world that can warm you up on a cold day and fill your senses nostalgia like a piping hot cup of decadent hot chocolate.

Maury Rubin of City Bakery summed up the subject perfectly: “In these challenging times we live in, great hot chocolate – truly great hot chocolate – isn’t just a casual pleasure anymore, but a protector and comfort, too.”

So here are some of our favorite spots for Hot Chocolate in New York City.

The City Bakery

Potentially NYC’s most Instagrammed Hot Cocoa and a favorite of both tourists and locals alike. Just check out that iconic marshmallow.

3 West 18th Street, thecitybakery.com 

Max Brenner

Served in the adorably and aptly named “Hug Mug,” Max Brenner offers a full hot chocolate menu of options available in milk, dark or white chocolate with variations like Peanut Butter and Italian Thick.

841 Broadway, maxbrenner.com

Dominique Ansel

Leave it to the dessert magic man to add some pizazz and an Instagram-worthy experience. The Blossoming Hot Chocolate, comes with a marshmallow that opens and blooms when placed in the drink.

189 Spring Street, dominiqueansel.com

Cafe Gitane

This classic NYC joint is a favorite breakfast for locals and touts a fantastic hot chocolate. The cute chocolate powder paw print.

242 Mott Street, cafegitanenyc.com


The Lavender Hot Chocolate at Maman steps up the classic blending melted dark chocolate with dried lavender infused milk. Drinking it just makes you feel a bit fancier.

Multiple Locations, mamannyc.com


One of the most elegant hot chocolates can be found at MarieBelle in SoHo. They truly treat chocolate like a work of art, so of course, their drinkable version is a stunner.

484 Broome Street, mariebelle.com

The Chocolate Room

Park Slope’s The Chocolate Room is serving up serious hot chocolate game. They have 5 different versions including a Cafe Torino twist and a Not Hot cold offering.

269 Court Street, thechocolateroombrooklyn.com

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