New Product Alert: Lobster Gin Exists

When the warm weather starts to hit, there are two things that I truly do love to indulge in – gin & lobsters.  And while I have heard of gin being infused with countless interesting botanical, herbs, spices, etc., the most bizarre ingredient crossed my path …. Lobster. Yup, Lobster Gin aka Lobstar exists.

The brainchild of Chef Kristof Marrannes of the Michelin Star restaurant, Ter Leepe, in Belgium, Lobstar was inspired by his love of food pairings.  This spirit is made by a maceration process with the crustaceans (sans tails) for about two days then distilling.  The result is then blended with gin.  Although we haven’t tried it yet, we love lobster & we love gin, so we are totally game on this one.  Lobster G&T anyone?

Lobstar will be available next month and a half-liter bottle will cost ya about $63.

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