New Year, New Drinks: Upgrade 2021 with HOP WTR

With the extended Covid-19 lockdown and general anxiety about, well, everything, many people tried to take the edge off with a cocktail or two. But many are now looking to not only curb alcohol consumption but make lifestyle changes which for some includes cutting out booze, either temporarily (think: Dry January) or indefinitely.

Enter HOP WTR, which touts itself as “a healthy alternative to beer.” So what exactly is HOP WTR? It’s a vegan, calorie, gluten and sugar-free, hop-filled sparkling water brewed with adaptogens and nootropics for a more balanced buzz, without the booze – aka delicious and fun without any calories or next-morning brain fuzz.

Brewed with Columbus and Centennial hops and infused with a blend of adaptogens and nootropics including L-Theanine, 5-HTP, ashwagandha, and maca, HOP WTR is specially formulated to deliver the chill you crave, without the hangover. Hops contain flavonoids that have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties; a flavonoid in hops has also been found to help reduce weight gain, lower elevated cholesterol, and reduce high blood sugar.

Beer lovers will enjoy mellow, balanced HOP WTR, available in 3 flavors (with a 4th coming soon): Classic, Mango, Lemon-Lime and Blood Orange. With big, crisp bubbles and boastful notes of citrus, resinous pine, hints of stone fruit, dank resin, and earthy bitterness on the finish, HOP WTR is both thirst-quenching and delicious. Fresh and smooth, HOP WTR is an homage to your favorite IPA with a flavor profile is somewhere in between your go-to seltzer and favorite craft beer.

A Change in 2021

Of course, 2020 was a year like no other – and for Americans working from home, that meant happy hour started a little earlier than usual. A recent survey by OnePoll on behalf of HOP WTR polled 2,000 Americans (approximately 800 of whom are over 21 and working from home) to examine the habits people are picking up during lockdown, and it turns out 46% of those working from home have clocked out early to pour themselves a drink at least once during their time in quarantine. Another 45% of these respondents have even admittedly taken the liberty of having an alcoholic drink during the workday.

The survey discovered that 53 % of those polled have been drinking alcohol more frequently during the lockdown, with over half of respondents (52%) admitting that they’ve felt the need to drink while watching the news this year, averaging about four adult beverages each week.

It’s no surprise that 6 in 10 adults shared they’ll be trying to drink less for the remainder of 2020.

“I was that statistic,” HOP WTR co-founder Nick Taranto has said. “I found myself reaching for one too many IPAs, putting on weight and waking up hungover more days than I could justify. I wanted to break the habit and when I couldn’t find The Healthy Alternative to Beer, I decided to go create it! I wanted something that pays homage to my favorite IPA, but rather than leave me with a cloudy head that night and the next day this actually clears the brain fog because it’s packed with nootropics rather than booze.”

Some of the top goals for the new year include the go-to resolutions of exercising (53%), eating more fruits and veggies (51%), and meal planning (36%). One in five respondents over 21 add their top goal for 2021 is to drink less alcohol.

“2020 has been rough, so it’s no surprise alcohol intake has increased” Taranto acknowledges, “but, since this is going on longer than most of us imagined it would, and our levels of alcohol consumption aren’t sustainable if we want to remain healthy.”

For more details on HOP WTR, visit and follow along at @HOPWTR.

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